1. The opening scene with Laurie walking and Loomis being placed into the ambulance is longer.

2. When Michael chases Laurie out of the hospital in her dream, the actual chase ran longer in the Unrated Cut, and included Laurie falling into a huge body pit which contained many of the hospital staff all butchered.

3. An on-screen title that said "One Year Later" in the Theatrical Cut now says "Two Years Later", which is how Rob Zombie originally intended it.

4. Laurie's initial therapy session with her psychiatrist was extended. In it, she asks Laurie to take a look at an inkblot and tell her what she sees. Laurie looks at it and says it's a white horse, and asks if she simply has to "wait until her brain heals".

5. Throughout the film, there is more of an animosity between Laurie and Annie, and Laurie brings it out during one of her therapy sessions, saying she goes from 0 to 100 in rage, and just wants to-- then stops. Rob Zombie added this as a way to show Laurie was struggling to control her rage just like Michael.

6. When Dr. Loomis arrives for his press conference, his dialogue with his assistant ran longer. Nothing notable, but Loomis does rip on her clothing and asks her if she is a "clam digger" or a "lesbian".

7. Loomis' press conference is expanded. Loomis discusses Michael's Oedipal complex, as well as the idea that Michael perhaps saw Loomis as a father figure. He even quotes George Bernard Shaw and adds his own Michael Myers twist to it, saying: "In the arts of life, man invents nothing. But in the arts of death, he outdoes nature herself and produces by chemistry and machinery all the slaughter of plague, pestilence, famine...and Michael Myers."

8. There is an extended sequence where Laurie runs a bath and begins to freak out. In it, Laurie is dressed as a clown like young Michael in the first film, and she re-enacts the Ronnie White kill, although instead of Ronnie getting his throat slit, it is Annie, and Laurie does the killing.

9. Lou Martini's scene dressed as Frankenstein runs longer, and he yells more perverted things into the camera as the news fades away from his interview.

10. Instead of stopping to play with a pig on her way to work, Laurie goes to the psychiatrist and tells her about playing with the pig (we see a few seconds of it, now in flashback), and how it triggered a nervous breakdown of sorts.

11. Laurie also had a breakdown when the shrink denies her request for more pills. Laurie insists she is "not strong enough to deal with this" and that the "extreme highs and lows" causes her to "lash out at everyone".

12. Laurie also flips on her shrink again and accuses her of being "so concerned at $100 an hour". She insists on getting another prescription, and says her therapist is "more f*cked up than I am, you crazy bitch!"

13. Annie finds Laurie drinking a beer and another argument ensues. Laurie shows her the beer and says, "meet my new best friend", and Annie asks her if this is "how your new friends roll?" Laurie then throws her out of her room.

14. On his way back to Haddonfield, a non-masked Michael (along with Young Michael and his mother) angrily looks at a billboard that advertises Loomis' new book. Deborah Myers tells him that "he's still out there...rich and famous because of our pain. I hope he's having fun."

15. Inside the Rabbit in Red, Deborah talks to Michael from on the stage, saying they are done waiting, and that only a river of blood can bring them all back together again. She also tells him, "it's up to you, it's always been up to you".

16. At the Phantom Jam, there is more of a party scene established, showing Laurie letting loose and simply not caring anymore as she gets totally wasted.

17. Uncle Seymour Coffins' joke about the jack-o-lantern and a blonde runs longer, and he tries to get the women on stage to do a trick with their breasts. He is shown to be even more intoxicated and would not get off the stage.
18. The scene where Wolfie and Harley go to fool around in the van is extended, showing wider shots of the Phantom Jam and a water tower nearby.

19. The scene at the Phantom Jam where Laurie roams around the party drunk and starts seeing visions of Deborah Myers and young Michael is extended to show just how far Laurie has fallen and how drunk she had become.

20. When Laurie and Mya come home from the party, there is a short added sequence of them making tea in the kitchen prior to going upstairs. Laurie states that "I don't think a cookie's gonna save me", while Michael walks right by the room at the same time, still lurking inside the house.

21. Brackett's reaction to finding Annie's body is a lot longer and more dramatic. The scene actually contains video flashbacks of real-life actress Danielle Harris as a child and playing with a puppy.

22. The ending is a lot different. After Loomis enters the cabin, Michael throws him through a wall, and the two of them wind up outside. Michael then removes his mask, yells "DIE!", and stabs Loomis in the stomach, killing him. The cops then open fire and kill Michael. Laurie then comes out and notices Michael laying right next to young Michael. She then takes Michael's knife and approaches Loomis with it, implying that she may stab him. The cops then open fire on her despite Sheriff Brackett's orders not to, and kill her. As Laurie's life fades away, her last vision is of the white hospital scene where she sees Deborah Myers and the white horse. She then smiles and dies, as the film fades to black. During this time, Nan Vernon's cover of "Love Hurts" plays on the soundtrack.

23. The songs used on the credits are different. On the Unrated Director's Cut, the songs are first the Halloween Main Theme, then "Honkytonk Halloween" by Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures. On the theatrical cut, it starts with Nan Vernon's cover of "Love Hurts", then goes to Tyler Bates' standard musical score at the end.


1. Instead of going to her psychiatrist once again, Laurie stops to play with a pig on her way into work.

2. The ending, of course, is different, with Laurie stabbing Michael repeatedly, and emerging from the cabin wearing Michael's mask. Then the scene fades into the same hospital close-up of Laurie in the white room, where she sees Debra and the white horse as a slower version of "Laurie's Theme" plays on the soundtrack.

3. The songs used on the credits are different. On the Unrated Director's Cut, the songs are first the Halloween Main Theme, then "Honkytonk Halloween" by Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures. On the theatrical cut, it starts with Nan Vernon's cover of "Love Hurts", then goes to Tyler Bates' standard musical score at the end.

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