1. This scene was an extension of the scene where the two coroners comment about how it took six guys to lift one stiff. Alan Hooks then says he wrenched his back, while Gary Scott tells him to drop a few pounds, and take some pressure off of his lower lumbar.


2. This therapy scene was an extended cut, and involved Laurie discussing a Cherokee legend with her therapist. Barbara tells her there are two wolves inside us all, one that is fear and one that is hope. She says to Laurie that these two wolves are constantly at war with one another inside everyone, and Laurie think it's crazy. The doctor then concludes telling her that the wolf that wins is that wolf you feed.


3. There is a scene cut from right before Laurie arrives at the coffee shop to work. Uncle Meat and Mya are discussing Tex Ritter, and she thinks he is lame. Uncle Meat tells her he is "backwoods cool" and asks to give him a chance. He asks her what year she was born, and Mya tells her 1990. Then Laurie walks in and he calls her the princess of puncutality.


4. In this scene, there is a flashback to young Michael and Deborah talking at Smith's Grove. Michael asks her if they are still a family. She replies yes, but when Michael asks her "why don't we live together anymore?", she tells him it's just not possible because bad things happened and their family is broken. Michael insists he can fix it, that he can "make it happen". Deborah says "of course you can...because you're my baby. You can fix anything".


5. During Dr. Loomis' speech, part of it was cut where he states, "Michael's psychotic perception is in complete denial about his own mother's suicide. Well, Freud would certainly have a field day with that little one, wouldn't he? So, it is the fate of all of us to direct our first sexual impulses toward our mothers and our first murderous hatred against our fathers. Now, in Michael's case, I became the surrogate father, the last father in a long series of fathers."


6. Also during Dr. Loomis' speech, he states he was "nearly a victim himself", and it is brought to his attention that there are 'WWMD' t-shirts on the web. Loomis asks "what the hell does that mean, "Wisconsin Women Molest Donuts"? When informed of its true meaning of "What Would Michael Do?", he says that the average true blue American then is sicker than Michael himself.


7. While Sheriff Brackett has his pizza dinner with Annie and Laurie, he tells Laurie he is "not fond" of the Phantom Jam, and informs her that there was a kid killed there last year on the railroad tracks because he was drunk. Laurie then asks Annie for help and insists she can't live her life hiding from a ghost-- she's almost 19. At that point, Brackett jokes that he is going to get her a walker for her birthday next year.

VOMIT 1 (0:26)

8. An alternate cut of Laurie throwing up shows Annie helping her and commenting, "dude, you're gonna make me throw up". Laurie then says, "sorry".

VOMIT 2 (0:32)

9. An alternate cut of Laurie throwing up shows the toilet lid falling on her head, and Annie then flushing the toilet. She then jokes with her, saying "dude, you clogged the f*cking toilet!" Laurie then laughs and says, "that's not funny!".

HANGING (1:45)

10. This scene took place while Laurie was working at Uncle Meat's. Meat was cleaning his vinyl, and insists that vinyl "has soul" and it's the "gleam that blinds". Mya tells him records sound like sh*t and Laurie adds that they go "snap, crackle and pop". Meat then says "each one of these has its own personality" and that he has over 5,000 records. Mya says she has twice that on her computer. Meat then fires back, "music on a computer? Please, let me be dead before everybody's f*cking robots". At that point, Harley chimes in that she'd f*ck a robot. Laurie then takes the garbage out back and sees an image of Michael hanging her with a rope. Mya then scares her from behind. She apologizes, then the image changes back to reality, and it's a stuffed dummy hanging instead.

BIGFOOT (1:19)

11. This scene involves a lady calling into the police and talking to Deputy Webb, telling him Bigfoot is in her backyard. Michael is shown outside eating from her garbage. Webb then tells Brackett, who takes the call, but at that point, Michael disappears and the lady hangs up. Webb and Brackett then discuss the weird calls they've been getting, including four about Michael Myers from Rockland County to the Hollow Hills in the space of ten minutes. Brackett then says it's gonna be a long couple of days, and Webb says he'll be happy when this "Halloween crap is over".


12. This scene was originally dubbed in during Loomis' TV interview about his new "startling facts" and shows Michael walking with Deborah and young Michael to visit her grave. Young Michael then says, "I wish we could all be together again". Deborah replies, "We will Michael, we will...when you make everything right and bring our baby back home."

I SAY THAT (0:36)

13. In this scene, Big Lou watches his TV interview along with his stripper and Howard Boggs. He is trying to hook up with the stripper, and Howard mocks him by saying his line before he does, that his green face is "the color of money". Lou calls Howard retarded and tells him he says that line ten times a day. The stripper then calls him a dumbass.

HORNY LOU (0:52)

14. Big Lou is doing paperwork in this scene and is seduced by his stripper, who tells him she's horny. He then tells her, "naked p*ssy ain't cheap" and asks her to "remind Howard that we're not watering down the liquor we're liquoring up the water". She then continues her seduction, telling him "wet p*ssy don't stay wet forever". He tells her it's after midnight, and she replies, "so, I don't think my p*ssy's gonna turn into a pumpkin". Lou then tells her he's going to turn into something, and goes on his "Frankenstein monster" tirade.


15. In this alternate take of the Rabbit in Red massacre, the stripper is on top of Lou during their love scene, when Michael barges in. He calls him a fag and pulls a gun on him, but Michael smashes his face into a mirror. The stripper runs outside naked, but Michael catches her, snaps her neck, and carries her back inside and turns the neon sign from 'Open' to 'Closed'.

BEER MAN (1:52)

16. The next morning after Michael destroys the Rabbit in Red, a beer man arrives with a regular order. He finds them all dead, and Michael, still there, slits his throat. Meanwhile, he tries to call for help, but Laurie is on the other end. She asks the beer man if he needs assistance, but then gets attacked by Michael and he slits her throat, too. Just then, she comes out of it and wakes up from her dream.

SLEEP IN IT (0:52)

17. During Loomis' book signing, there was originally more to Chett's autograph. Chett comments that he is wearing his "WWMD" shirt proudly and tells Loomis that he sleeps in it while he gets his book signed.


18. In this scene, Loomis and his agent talk in his limousine about having "serious repercussions" to his book coming out. Loomis says, "yeah, to my bank account". She then says he's probably right. She still lives with her mother and flies coach. Loomis adds, "with three little pussy cats". At that point, he gets a call from the Australian journalist and sets up a date for 7 o'clock. He tells her "I'm game for anything" and calls his agent "such a sour puss".

MR. WHAT? (0:39)

19. After the David Newman show, Loomis says he's "never been so humiliated in all his life". Loomis again calls Weird Al "Mr. Weird" and says he was "disgusting" and that he "answered all of my questions". His agent then convinces him it went well and urges him to watch it that night. At the same time, Laurie shows up at Mya's apartment.


20. In this scene, Deputy Webb is delivering donuts to the police station and does the "donut dance" while one of the female officers walks by and says she wants the boston creme and asks Webb to save it for her. He tells her "chief gets first choice". Webb shows Brackett the donuts, but Annie calls in at the same time. He gives them to another officer nearby and says they are "turkey free, fat ass!" He takes his jacket off and when he turns around, that officer took the boston creme. Brackett then answers the phone and asks Annie, "Hey sweetie, did you find her?"

DARREN (1:24)

21. A character cut from the film entirely is Annie's friend Darren, who was sent over to the house by Sheriff Brackett to keep her company. Brackett insists that she stay there in case Laurie comes back. Annie and Darren discuss how they've been friends since they were five years old, and he brings over nachos and other food for them to eat. He asks her, "any special requests?" She replies, "I'm cool".


22. Another scene with Annie and the cut-character of Darren. They eat nachos and Darren invites her to go to a comic book convention. Annie is rude to him, saying "I don't give a sh*t!" Darren says she is closed-minded, but Annie fires back that they're for kids. At that point, Brackett calls again, asking her about Laurie and if she was in touch. Annie says, "she's probably at that stupid Phantom Jam with her asshole friends". Brackett then asks if she sees anything suspicious, to head on over to the Boone house. Darren, not giving up, offering to get her a tight spandex costume. He adds that he'll get the tickets and looks at a picture they took from elementary school, asking her, "do I still look the same"?


23. After the Phantom Jam, Mya and Laurie talk about Annie when they get back to the house. Laurie then breaks down and comments how bad she feels about the way she yelled at her earlier. She says, "she's like my sister...she cares about me so much...God I'm so lame!"


24. The ending in the Unrated Director's Cut is much different. After Michael grabs Loomis, they go crashing through the wall of the shack and emerge in front of police. Michael takes his mask off and Loomis tells him, "Michael, we're going to hell". Michael then yells "DIE!" and stabs Loomis in the stomach. From there, Brackett and the rest of the police gun him down. Laurie then emerges from the shack. Still able to see the vision of Deborah Myers, Laurie goes over to the bodies of Michael and Loomis and picks up the butcher knife. Brackett watches her, impatiently awaiting her next move, but before that occurs, several trigger-happy deputies accidentally shoot Laurie. Brackett yells "Hold your fire!" repeatedly, but it's too late. Nan Vernon's eerie version of "Love Hurts" then begins to play in the background, and Laurie falls down next to her brother and slowly begins to die. The last images Laurie sees are that of Deborah Myers and the white horse, walking toward her in the white hallway of what is presumed to be an asylum. Laurie smiles slowly, then as the camera fades to black, she dies.

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