1. Dr. Maple (Caroline Williams), accidentally refers to Nurse Daniels as "Octavia" at one point (the actress's real name is Octavia Spencer).

2. In the opening hospital chase, the bandage on Laurie's head alternates between blood soaked and clean between shots.

3. The shirt that Laurie wore in the beginning of the film when she's walking with the gun and being pulled through the hospital is obviously not the same shirt used in the first movie.

4. During Loomis's interview in front of the dilapidated Myers house, it is obviously not the same house used in the previous film.

5. Right before Coroner Hooks and Gary Scott have the van accident, you can pause a few frames before the impact and clearly see that a small explosive detonates in front of the bumper right before they hit the cow.

6. It is vaguely mentioned that Michael's body was "misplaced" by the police department during transport from the crime scene to the morgue. Based on what was shown, this appeared to happen in the outskirts of Haddonfield. So why did it take a year for Michael to return to the town to find Laurie?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Michael waited it out and bided his time to return, knowing that because of his impact on Laurie's life, the holiday of Halloween would be a trigger point for her.

7. During Dr. Loomis' book signing, Lynda's father tells him that Michael "butchered" her, but in reality, he strangled her.

8. Also at that signing, right before Kyle lunges at Dr. Loomis with the gun, he signs the book with a black pen. However, in the next shot, it changes to a red pen.

9. There is a scene when Michael is walking back toward Haddonfield that you can clearly see it is not Tyler Mane at all. Rather, it resembles Rob Zombie himself, so I wonder if he filmed that insert after principal production?

10. The Rob Zombie iterations of 'Halloween' clearly remove any supernatural aspect from the character of Michael Myers, which results in a plot inconsistency from the first film. It is never explained how Michael was able to survive a gunshot wound to the face at point-blank range without immediate medical attention.

11. In this film, both Laurie and Michael start seeing visions of their dead mother and a younger Michael. Laurie could not possibly envision Deborah or a younger Michael because she never met either one of them at that point in their lives. Also, it seems odd that Michael is experiencing these visions now, when they never happened in the first film.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Michael developed brain trauma based on the gun shot he endured at the end of the first film, and that's what brought out the visions in this film. Same goes for Laurie, since they're related, maybe the trauma she endured brought out her visions as well.

12. When Laurie and Mya find Annie near death upstairs, Laurie tells Mya to go and call the police. Mya agrees and slowly walks offscreen as Laurie turns away. Then, the next shot shows Mya sprinting from that spot with Laurie completely out of sight. But, in the shot after that, Laurie is clearly standing in the door frame again, which was completely visible in the previous shot.

EXPLANATION: Just a bad piece of editing.

13. When Michael kills Mya, her glasses are still on her face However, later, when Laurie is running down the stairs, she sees Mya and her glasses are now hanging off of her face.

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