1. At the end of Halloween 4, Rachel tells Jamie to "Stay right here, in the truck." In the re-cap, she simply tells Jamie "I want you to stay in the truck."

2. Best seen on the Halloween 5 DVD: When Michael is coming down the river, as soon as he grabs onto the net and starts pulling himself up, there is a safety line sticking out of the back of his left shoulder. Also, if you look closely, his back seems kind of "square." That's because the actor (Donald L. Shanks) is wearing a life jacket under his costume.

3. In Halloween 4, Jamie is 7 years old, but in Halloween 5, Tina says Jamie is a 9-year-old girl. How can that be, when it is only one year later?

4. Dr. Loomis says that his memory goes back 12 years, but Halloween 5 takes place in 1989, which is only 11 years after.

5. When the nurse asks Jamie if she wants to call her mother, is she referring to Mrs. Carruthers or Laurie Strode? If she's referring to Laurie Strode, it's a blooper, because Laurie is presumed dead at this point.

6. The Myers house appears to be a huge mansion, although it was just a small house in the first 2 films.

7. Why would the windows of the Myers House be boarded up when they aren't even broken?

8. Along those lines, why would the entire house be boarded up?

9. The address is supposed to be 45 Lampkin Lane, but the address clearly states something in triple digits (100?) when Loomis visits the house during the daytime.

10. When Mike is parking his car outside the liquor store, you can see lighting equipment hanging over the car reflected on its shiny surface.

11. When Mike is cleaning his car outside the liquor store, a set light can be seen on the hood when he wipes it down.

12. When Mike is cleaning his car outside the liquor store, Tina jumps up near the back of the car and scares him with the mask. She then puts the mask over his head and he pulls it away, throwing it toward the car. As he tears it away, his glasses are still on. In the very next shot as he throws the mask into the back of the car, his glasses are gone. Then, when he gets behind the wheel, he reaches back and retrieves his glasses from the backseat.

13. When Mike is looking in his mirror and Myers drags the fork on the back of the car, Mike soon gets out of his car with a crowbar. When Myers grabs him on the neck, Mike drops the bar. Then Myers hits him in the head with the fork and Mike falls back shaking. Notice that the pitchfork is on the right of him by his upper legs, but the crowbar is nowhere to be found.

14. Best seen on the Halloween 5 DVD: When Michael kills Mike with the fork, he lifts his arm to stab him and his sleeve pulls back. You can clearly see where the dark burn makeup ends.

15. When Tina is upstairs looking at herself in the mirror, she has her jacket on. But, when the doorbell rings and Tina runs down the stairs, she is carrying it. Later, when Samantha scares her, she has it back on all of a sudden.

16. Tina says she wants to go skinny-dipping on Halloween. Who in their right mind would do that?

17. When Tina is talking to Mike (actually Myers) in the car, her lips don't match up with some of what she says.

18. When Jamie is talking about the "Big Cookie Woman," an officer tries to get a hold of Sheriff Meeker. Over the radio, the officer says, "Sergeant Meeker, what's your 20?" He should have called him Sheriff, however, not Sergeant.

19. When Michael (dressed up as Mikey) hits the brakes at the store, the rear red lights don't come on.

20. When Tina gets out the car at the gas station, Michael is wearing the Halloween mask that Tina gave him. When Tina walks out the door, she looks back at Michael and he is wearing his own mask. Then, when they cut back to Michael, he is seen taking off the mask that Tina gave him and putting his own mask back on.

21. When Michael pulls up at the gas station waiting for Tina, neither the red taillights nor the back up lights are working.

22. When Tina, Samantha, and Spitz enter the barn, Tina's hair is in a high pony-tail. In the next shot, as she climbs under the rails to get to the kittens, her hair is down. Previously, as she was getting ready for the Halloween party, her hair was in a high bun.

23. Samantha's devil horns at the party keep disappearing and then reappearing several times.

24. Samantha removes her gloves twice while she is in the barn with Spitz.

25. After Samantha sees her boyfriend get the pitchfork through his body, she lunges at Michael with the same pitchfork. However, Michael grabs the pitchfork and slams her against the wall. As he slashes her with the scythe, you can see a bunch of blood splash onto his WHITE mask, but in the next scene, it is gone.

26. While Michael is chasing Tina and Jamie in the car, Michael's position changes from the passenger seat to the driver seat several times.

27. Also, Mike's car had no bottom lights on it if you look at it earlier in the film. But, when Michael is chasing Tina, Jamie, and Billy, the bottom lights lit up in several shots.

28. When Michael is chasing Jamie and Billy in the car, Tina yells "Jamie!", but we hear "Billy!" come out of her mouth.

29. During the car chase scene, the different camera angles reveal more than one person in the car that only Michael is supposed to be driving.

30. Whenever Michael crashes his car and Jamie, Billy and Tina think they are safe and they get up off of the ground, Tina's breast is hanging out of her dress!

31. The cut on Jamie's face changes sizes in various shots.

32. Sheriff Meeker calls himself "Sergeant Meeker" on the radio.

33. When Jamie runs to the attic, she finds all of Michael's victims in there. Why didn't the cops find the bodies when they were there earlier?

34. When Jamie goes into the attic, she sees Rachel's body sitting in a chair next to the stairs (leading out of the attic). Then, you also see her body when Michael comes up into the attic after Jamie. However, when Jamie runs down the attic stairs, Rachel's body is gone.

35. When Jamie hides in the laundry chute, there is a door to the left of it. However, when she falls down and after Michael starts beating the hamper with his knife, Jamie gets out, and if you look toward your left, the door is gone.

36. When Jamie falls down the laundry chute and Michael begins to stab at her, notice there is a laundry basket present. How can this be, when earlier, Loomis opened the laundry chute (when he got scared by a dead rat or something), and there was no laundry basket there?

37. Also in that laundry chute scene, there is another door in the wall. When she came up, that is where she went because she fell from the second floor and there is probably a chute on the first floor as well.

38. Michael originally stabs Jamie in the leg while she's in the laundry chute. You can best notice this when Jamie gets back out of the chute and she limps. The wound is clearly visible at that point. However, that part of the scene was cut.

39. When Jamie and the officer wait in the upstairs room of Michael's old house, look at the window. It is dark outside. But when it shows Dr. Loomis downstairs talking to Michael, there is sunlight shining into the house.

40. When Michael breaks through the upstairs door, the cop shoots ten shots out of a revolver with out reloading.

41. At the end, the police station is on fire. How could that be, when metal cannot even ignite?

42. The end credits say, "In order of appearance," and then list the cast. However, the list they have isn't actually in order of appearance. They list Rachel, then Sheriff Meeker, then Sam Loomis, and then Jamie Lloyd. When you view the film, you'll notice it should go Rachel (first seen in the truck), then Jamie (seen ducking under the dashboard from the H4 flashback), then Meeker (shooting Michael), and then Sam Loomis (holding Jamie after Michael falls in the mineshaft).

43. During the end credits, when they tell the label the soundtrack is on, Varese Sarabande is misspelled as Varese Serabande.

44. On the Halloween 5 DVD, the on-set interviews say "On The Set, 1988" when the movie actually was filmed in the Spring of 1989.

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