1. The ambulance that picks up Michael in the beginning says "Smith Grove" on it. It should say "Smith's Grove."

2. At the beginning of the film, the security guard says Michael killed 16 people on Halloween night in 1978. Where did he get that number?

3. The male attendant in the beginning doesn’t enter the ambulance through the back with Myers like the female attendant. But, the next shot shows him back there instead of in the front where he went.

4. When Dr. Hoffman is typing up the report on Michael, he types his name as "Myers, Michael M." How can this be, when Michael's middle name was Audrey?

5. When Loomis parks his car outside the filling station, he stops past the last gas pump. The next shot shows his car much closer as he tries to fill it up.

6. At the Gas Station, the front of Dr. Loomis' car has four headlights and vertical/horizontal lines on the grill. When Michael blows up the gas station, though, the front of the car is different.

7. At the garage, after Dr. Loomis shoots at Michael and then disappears, he runs to the window to look for Michael. With a closer look (even clearer on the DVD), you can see the cameraman's reflection in the window.

8. When Loomis is at the gas station, there are a bunch of oil drums missing on the left hand side of Penney's cafe. Later, these oil drums mysteriously appear as Loomis dives behind them after Michael blows up the station.

9. When Michael finds the picture of Laurie, it's a picture that was obviously taken behind the scenes on the original Halloween. It couldn't be a real one, because it's of Laurie sitting with the pumpkin. How can this be, when nobody was with her that day to take that picture (when she had the pumpkin)?

10. Also, when Michael finds the picture of Laurie, he turns the picture over on its back. However, when Loomis comes, the picture is back right-side up.

11. When Rachel and Lindsey are driving with Jamie, Lindsey says that the Discount Mart has a sale on Halloween costumes. That's nice, but why would they go to Vincent Drug instead?

12. In the Discount Mart, when Rachel calls off her date, Brady asks why she didn't tell him earlier. He says, "It's 5:00 now, Rachel." It can't be 5 because she just picked Jamie up from school, so it had to be around 3 or 3:30.

13. After Jamie sees Michael in the Discount Mart, Rachel takes Jamie and leaves in a hurry. Yet, later on, you see that Jamie has her Halloween costume. When did they buy that, considering that they left the store immediately and didn't take it with them?

14. During the scene where Kelly (Sheriff Meeker's daughter), answers the door to the trick-or-treaters, listen carefully. When Brady argues with Rachel, and she tells him to "get back to little hot pants", Kelly shouts “Jamie” instead of “Brady” first.

15. Where is the Myers House in the entire movie? Is the Carruthers House supposed to be the Myers House? If so, it is a cheap rip off. It isn't even close to looking like the Myers House.

16. As Rachel and Jamie slide down the roof, they look down and a bike can be seen on the ground. When Jamie ends up running to Rachel later on, the bike is gone.

17. How could Michael have killed all of the cops at the police station and still had time to follow Jamie around?

18. When the town mob is firing at Ted Hollister (thinking it is Michael), it is obvious that one of them is not firing his gun even though it is aimed in the direction of Hollister.

19. When Michael chases Jamie out into the streets, Loomis suddenly appears and takes her into his car. In reality, Jamie would have heard the car coming.

20. When Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Meeker are scared by the Halloween Pranksters with Myers Masks on, as soon as they pull out and Meeker starts talking on the radio, there is a car parked behind them. Then, after the camera pulls out and shows Michael standing behind them-- the car on the left is gone.

21. When Loomis opens the car door at the Sheriff’s house, you can see the reflection of a step ladder in the car window, obviously used by the film crew.

22. Logan follows the orders of Sheriff Meeker and nails closed the shutters on the Meeker House. However, later, when we see the front of the house, the windows on the back and the side have no shutters on them at all.

23. When Jamie is sleeping at the house, the two shots of her sleeping change. In the first, she is on the left side of the bed, but in the next shot, she is in the right side of the bed, with a different blanket.

24. The wall behind Michael changes as he takes the gun away from Grady. First, there is a solid wall with decorative hangings, then there is a shot of the front door, then the solid wall again.

25. When Loomis finds Jamie after she has fallen off the roof, he asks "Where's the schoolhouse?" Didn't he visit the schoolhouse in Halloween II?

26. When Michael attacks Loomis and Jamie at the schoolhouse, there is a shot of his mask that looks white with yellow hair. I don't know what the hell they were thinking there.

27. When Jamie and Rachel are riding with the Mob, Jamie begins the ride by sitting on Rachel's leg, against the door. When the police stop their truck, you can then see that Jamie has moved over to the middle, between the driver and Rachel. Then, when they cut back to when they're driving, she's back on Rachel's lap. A major continuity error.

28. In the final chase scene in truck, Michael reaches into the window and rips Rachel's sweater open. In the next shot, however, it is back how it was, buttoned and all.

29. When Myers throws Big Al and Orrin off the back of the truck, the tailgate of the truck is open. Later, when we see Rachel trying to stop the vehicle, the tailgate is back up again.

30. The lights on the top of the truck were moved by Michael when he climbed on top of the vehicle. But later, when Rachel rams Myers with the truck, all the lights are facing forward again like nothing happened.

31. Sheriff Meeker's car has a change of color in the headlights in different scenes throughout the movie. When Meeker pulls up at his house, the headlights have an orange glow to them. But later, when he catches up with Rachel and Jamie after they had killed Myers, his headlights have changed to the standard color.

32. During the credits at the end, there is a character listed as Leslie. This person should be listed as Lindsey, because there is no Leslie in the film. The mistake may have come in the fact that the actress who plays Lindsey (or Leslie as they call her in the credits) is actually named Leslie.

33. On the box of the movie, it has a picture of the Wallace House from the original Halloween. Why would that be on there, when it is never used in the movie?

34. Also on the box of the movie, it says that Michael escapes from Richmond Federal Sanitarium, when in fact, it is Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium.

35. The box of the movie says, "Two women trapped in their own home, stalked by the most dangerous creature alive." They weren't trapped in their own home. They were trapped in Sheriff Meeker's home.

36. One more from the box of the movie, on the back, it says, "Richmond Mental Institute". It should be "Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium".

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