1. When Challis talks to Coroner Teddy, listen carefully, their goodbyes are not in sync. Teddy hangs up the phone before Challis even says goodbye.

2. Marge Guttman's death is so noticeably fake. In other words, the special effects weren't very special. (Thanks Butt-Head).

3. If there was a mandatory curfew of 6:00 p.m., how does Challis buy liquor later that night? The store should have closed cause of the curfew.

4. When Ellie walks back from the hotel office, there are no cars in the motel parking spaces. On the way back to her room, however, Mrs. Guttman appears out of her car after scaring Ellie by honking the car horn. How can this be, since no car pulled in and no time elapsed?

5. After Marge Guttman goes into her motel room, there's an outside shot of the motel. Once again, there are no cars parked there. How can this be, when Marge Guttman's car was there not even a minute before?

6. After Cochran finishes the tour, he reaches for a mask to give to little Buddy. In the next shot, a close-up of the mask, Mrs. Kupfer's hand is shown instead.

7. In Test Room A, Little Buddy's mask has no Silver Shamrock emblem/logo appearing on it at the first. But when the commercial gets begin, the mask suddenly has the Silver Shamrock logo on the back of it.

8. Toward the end, Challis' shirt goes from untucked to tucked in a few times.

9. When Challis dumps the silver shamrock chips onto the androids to short circuit them, Ellie, who was also an android, should have shorted out as well.

10. Also toward the end, some of Cochran's android assassins are seen in two different places throughout the factory with no time change.

11. The masks are being sold all over the country, and at 9 p.m., they will do their dirty work. At 8:55 in Los Angeles, Challis is telling the radio station to turn off the commercial. By that time, the rest of the country would have already been affected by the commercial.

12. It is highly unlikely that Cochran got a piece of Stonehenge into California without anyone noticing.

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