1. At the beginning of the movie, the front door lights of the Doyle house are shown both on and off, depending on the scene.

2. The landscaping around the Doyle and Wallace houses has completely changed from how it looked in the original.

3. When Michael is shot off the balcony in the beginning, he backpeddles up a ramp.

EXPLANATION: A production glitch.

4. In the original, Michael falls off the balcony into the back yard. In Halloween II, he falls into the front yard.

5. Also, the balcony in the original movie is a covered balcony. This one isn't.

6. Also dealing with the yard, notice that the grass is a darker shade of green after Michael's body disappears in the original. However, in Part II, there is a shot of the yard's grass, but this time it is a much lighter shade of dead grass (yellow/green color) instead of dark green like it was in the original.

7. Dr. Loomis says "I shot him six times," when in fact, he shot him seven times during the interlude.

EXPLANATION: Another production glitch.

8. Why wasn't Laurie interviewed by police at the hospital? You would think that they would be after a statement, or a description of the suspect they were seeking. Remember, she was already at the clinic BEFORE Michael allegedly "burned to death." Regardless, she should have had a cop outside her hospital room protecting her.

9. As the ambulance approaches the hospital, notice the hood. It has red blinking lights. When they stop for the mother and her child with the razor blade in his mouth, the blinking lights have moved down to the front bumper.

10. Would those kids really be out that late at night trick-or-treating?

11. What reporters would go live at that time of night?

12. How could Alice not see Michael standing there when she checked on the Elrod's?

13. Why didn't Laurie have an IV?

14. When Nurse Karen drives in to the hospital, the entrance is dark. But when she gets out of her car, the entrance is lit up with two lights.

15. When Mr. Garrett is watching "Night of the Living Dead," that movie time elapses five minutes in a span of actually only one minute.

16. Mr. Garrett went to fix the phones, which never happened because he was killed. A few scenes later, you can see a nurse talking on the phone.

17. In the first shot of Nurse Karen in her nurse's uniform, her belt is tan. In subsequent shots, her belt is white.

18. You can see jack-o-lanterns in the hospital, when in fact, there is a code or law that says you can't have open flames in a hospital.

19. Why would they have pineapples in the hospital break room during Halloween?

20. When Nurse Karen hears the buzzing sound of a patient alarm, they show that the door has a window in it. But when Karen opens the door, there is no window in the door.

21. Nurse Karen's nipples are awfully perky for standing in a hot whirlpool bath.

22. When Bud goes to check on the water temperature, he rubs condensation off of the gauges. Why would he do that, when there wasn't anything on them to begin with?

23. Sheriff Brackett's sideburns are different than they were in the original.

24. The other police cars are different than Sheriff Brackett's car. Brackett's car is all white, while the others have a light blue hood and trunk. It is also clear that the other cars are not Dodge's like Brackett's.

25. When Brackett pulls back the sheet covering Annie's body, the shots change. In the first shot, he pulls the sheet back, and it goes down past her throat. However, in the next shot, the cloth is up to her chin before Brackett even touches it again.

26. When Annie's body is removed from the Wallace house, her throat is MUCH more bloody than we saw in the original.

27. In the original, the pumpkin at the Wallace's house was very small and fat, but in this one (which takes place the same night) you can see when all the cops and reporters are at the house that the pumpkin changed in size and the face got different as well.

28. When Annie's body gets wheeled out of the house and her father closes her eyes, her lids blink even though she should be dead.

29. Also, when they are looking at Annie, you can see her pulse in her neck.

30. Dr. Loomis' gun changes from a revolver to an automatic several times throughout the movie.

31. When Sheriff Brackett tries to stop Loomis from shooting Ben Tramer, the shadow of the cameraman falls on Dr. Loomis' overcoat.

32. When Ben Tramer is struck by the police car and pinned up against another car, you see him slump forward. Then, in the next shot, he is upright.

33. Also, if you put that scene in slow-motion, you'll see that the explosion is coming from the back and bottom of the van.

34. Officer Hunt says that the Myers House is at "45 Lampkin Lane," yet the address on the front porch clearly has the number 709 on it.

35. In the scene where the boys ask Officer Hunt about Ben Tramer, Mr. Hunt says that "it's just a little past 11." Following this, Bud lures Karen into the room to kiss her and wish her Happy Halloween. During this scene, as Bud reaches up to kiss Karen, his watch is clearly visible and shows the time as 1:00.

36. When Michael drowns Nurse Karen in the scalding water, her towel goes from being wrapped below her shoulders to being tied around her waist.

37. After Jimmy falls after finding Mrs. Alves on the gurney, his eyes move.

38. Also, later, when Jimmy gets in the car with Laurie, he has no blood on the back of his shirt at all.

39. Notice throughout the movie that the hospital is unusually empty. Weren't there any other patients? The staff seemed unusually small for a hospital that size.

40. When the Marshal is driving to Smith's Grove, they drive past the sign that says where the hospital is. Then, Dr. Loomis makes the Marshal turn the car around and the Marshal goes in the opposite direction that the sign was pointing in. How do they get to the hospital?

41. There is a flashing orange light in the back of the marshal's car, but when they turn around to head back to Haddonfield, it is nowhere to be seen.

EXPLANATION: Maybe it was turned off.

42. What are the odds of Laurie hiding in Jimmy's car?

EXPLANATION: Maybe it wasn't Jimmy's car, and he got in it because he saw the keys in it.

43. Laurie supposedly had a broken bone in her arm. If that's the case, how could she crawl around and put weight on it (when she climbs out of the car)?

44. At the end of the movie, Laurie is shown with a wound on her forearm, when in fact, in the original, Michael stabbed her in the upper arm.

45. When Laurie discovers Mr. Garrett's body, there is no blood on him. Strange, considering he got a hammer claw slammed into his head.

46. Wouldn't the elevator door open when Michael put his hand in there? All elevator doors open whenever something disrupts them.

47. Also, when Laurie gets in the elevator, she gets in it on the basement floor. However, when the other door opens, she is magically back on the ground floor.

48. When Laurie leaves the hospital, she exits out of the hospital doors. Somehow the doors stay open. Later on in the far away shot, the doors are closed, then they are open again in the next shot.

49. How could Loomis, The Marshal and Marion not see Laurie when they pulled up at the hospital? Wouldn't they be looking around for Michael?

EXPLANATION: They may have been trying to go in with caution, not wanting to make a scene in case Michael was not there.

50. When The Marshal pulls up the hospital, you can see the camera in his mirror.

51. You can tell when Laurie is running from Michael toward the hospital doors that the "street light" on the hospital is not a street light at all, but rather, a flood light for the scene.

52. When Laurie is screaming and pounding on the hospital door with Michael in hot pursuit, why didn't that rouse anyone else in the hospital?

53. In the scene where Marion is calling for help on the police car's 2-way radio, she speaks, "Marion Chambers with Doctor Loomis at the clinic; He's here." Right after that, the policeman on the other end of the radio starts to talk. However, Marion never lets go of the "talk" button on the radio's microphone, until the middle of the policeman's response to her request. You can't listen and receive anything on the radio while the button on the mic is pressed.

54. When Michael breaks through the door at the end, it is obvious that the door is not wood, and more like a cardboard-type substance or maybe a corkboard.

55. What are the odds that Laurie would have perfect aim when she shot Michael in both eyes, in just two shots? It is very unlikely.

56. When Laurie is being loaded into the ambulance, the blanket is not covering her feet. However, when she is lifted out of the wheelchair and into the ambulance, she is totally covered by the blanket.

57. If you pause the widescreen version of the movie at exactly 1hr 35min and 34sec (at the end of the film when Laurie is blown off of her feet by the explosion in the Operating Room). If you examine the right side of the screen you can actually see behind the "set" wall. You can see the vertical planks that are holding it up and you can see a coiled up cable of some sort hanging there. Fast forward three seconds to 1hr 25min 37sec you can see behind the wall again, only this time the scene is a little bit darker. If you watch closely from the moment the explosion goes off and we see Laurie in the corridor, you can see the wall on the right shaking making it obvious that this is a set and not a real corridor.

58. After the explosion and Michael is walking on fire, you'll notice he is right next to the burning stretcher. Then they cut to a scene of Laurie hiding behind a water fountain. In the next scene of Michael, he is now about 8 feet before the stretcher walking towards her again. He obviously didn't back up.

59. In the same scene, it is too obvious at the end that the stuntman is wearing a fireproof suit when Michael is walking on fire.

60. In the end credits of the film, it says NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD is copyright 1978, when in fact, the movie was made in 1968.

61. On the Good Times Home Video box front cover, they spelled Jamie Lee Curtis as Jaime Lee Curtis. Plus, they use images on the box that are from other HALLOWEEN films, rather than from this film.

62. In the 1981 novelization of the film, Laurie Strode's name is misspelled in the photo captions as "Launie Strode".

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