1. After Michael looks in the window at Judith and her boyfriend, the camera pulls back and goes back around to the front of the house. When it first starts to pull back, if you look on the porch, hanging outside of the window are a whole bunch of electrical wires leading into the house for the lighting equipment. When he gets inside to where that window is, the wires are gone. A crew member obviously moved the wires out of sight while the filming was taking place on the other side of the house.

2. When Judith and her boyfriend head up the stairs, the cameraman's shadow can be seen in the left of the frame.

3. When little Michael is about to kill his sister, you can see the clock on the kitchen wall and another clock in the living room show it's about 9:25p.m. As Michael walks up the steps, there are 10 loud chimes that come from the clock, signifying it's 10 p.m. Without a cut, there's no way it took 35 minutes to walk up those steps!

4. Even though Michael's just a child at the beginning of the film, his point of view makes him appear as though he's a grown adult. This is evident when he reaches for the knife and when he watches Judith's boyfriend leave, for example.

EXPLANATION: When Michael reaches for the knife, it is actually Debra Hill, the producer's, hands, so it really was an adult's point of view.

5. When Michael kills Judith it is seen from his point of view. Well, if its his point of view, the shot shows only his knife, implying that he is looking at his knife. How could he look at his knife and see where he was stabbing at the same time?

6. You can see a wrench attached to Michael's hand when he breaks the car window when at Smith's Grove. In the movie, Michael's supposed to be doing it with his bare hand.

7. Michael smashes the car window in the beginning, yet, throughout the rest of the movie, the window seems to be intact?

8. License plates in the movie are from California, when they should be from Illinois.

EXPLANATION: The movie was filmed in Pasadena, California, hence the California plates.

9. When Loomis stops to make a phone call on his way to Haddonfield, you can see mountains in the background. How can this be, when the movie is supposed to take place in Illinois?

EXPLANATION: Again, the movie was filmed in Pasadena, California.

10. The writing on the side of the car that Michael steals disappears from time to time throughout the movie.

11. When Tommy meets up with Laurie on their way to school, his hair is parted on the side. However, when they're standing in front of the Myers house, his hair is brushed forward.

12. While leaving the school with Laurie, Lynda says she has three new cheers to learn. But, in the background, you can clearly hear cheerleaders practicing their cheers. If Lynda was a cheerleader, shouldn't she have been back there practicing with them?

13. When Lynda, Annie, and Laurie are walking home from school, Laurie says the Wallace's house is 3 houses down from the Doyle's. In the film, though, the houses are actually shown across the street from each other.

14. In the scene where Laurie sees Michael behind a bush, smoke from director John Carpenter's cigarette can be seen blowing through the shot.

15. During the scene where Annie and Laurie are walking away from the bush where Laurie had seen The Shape disappear behind moments earlier, hit the pause button. If you hit slo-mo, look at the front porch of the house directly behind the bush. You'll see that there's a man (possibly crew members) watching the whole scene being filmed. He's standing and you can see him above the bush.

16. When Laurie turns around right before she runs into Brackett, the bush behind her changes between the cuts. It goes from being untrimmed to perfectly trimmed between the two angles.

17. Also, when Laurie runs into Brackett, the leaves that had blown into her hair in the previous shot are no longer there.

18. When Laurie bumps into Sheriff Brackett, look at her expression as she turns and yelps in "fear". You'll notice she's laughing! She even puts her hand over her mouth to hide it.

19. As Laurie walks home from school, she walks from a dry sidewalk to a wet sidewalk, when no rain has occurred. This happens several times throughout the movie.

20. Michael supposedly doesn't get his mask and knife until after school is over when he breaks into the Hardware Store. However, he is seen with it on before that outside of Laurie's school.

21. None of the schools in Illinois have outdoor lockers or hallways. The climate is too cold.

22. When the kids trip Tommy Doyle, they run off to the left of the screen. In the next shot, only two kids run to the left while one runs toward the camera.

23. Also when Tommy falls, the pumpkin actually breaks before hitting the ground or even when Tommy would supposedly squash it.

24. A continuity error occurs when Michael is stalking Tommy at the school. When Tommy first starts to walk away, there are a few cars parked across the street from where he's headed. There is a cut once Michael gets into his car, and that's when all of those cars are gone.

25. Annie tells Laurie she'll pick her up at 6:30. However, when she does pick her up, it is broad daylight, which is simply not the case in Illinois on October 31st.

26. Also, the girls go from broad daylight when Annie picks her up to pitch black when they finally arrive. For a small town, that sure was a long drive.

27. The rearview mirror of Annie's car in unusually crooked when they are driving toward the Hardware Store.

28. When Annie and Laurie are driving to babysit it is clear daylight, however when they arrive at the house it is pitch dark. The houses they went to couldn't of been hours away.

29. While Annie and Laurie are driving, they are smoking pot, and they have the windows rolled up. But when they stop and talk to Annie's Dad, he doesn't seem to smell any weed!

30. When Michael follows Annie and Laurie in the car, he parks only about one or two doors down from Lindsey's house (if that). Then later, when Loomis is standing in front of the Myers house, he turns around and all of a sudden sees Michael's car. Since Michael never had time to move the car, it could never have popped up in this new location.

31. When Annie drops Laurie off at the Doyle house, their front door is a French door. Throughout the rest of the movie, the door is solid.

32. Take notice of the scene where the gutter smashes into the window, scaring Loomis and Brackett half to death. The rest of the movie, when we see that front window, the gutter is nowhere to be seen, when it should be hanging over the window.

33. The doors to the Doyle house both appear to open on the right for both sides of the door.

34. Also, the narrow windows on either side of the front door of the Wallace house are not the same pattern on the inside as they are on the outside.

35. The Wallace house has the door handle on the left side of the door, on both sides. Also, the door appears to be far to the right side of the house. Later, when Lynda and Bob (and even Annie for that matter) enter the house, off to the immediate right is the living room. It's impossible since there's no room.

EXPLANATION: The interior of the Wallace house was filmed somewhere else.

36. When Annie and Laurie are talking on the phone, Lindsey's dog Lester comes in and starts barking, so Annie tells Laurie about it. But, when they cut back to Laurie, you can't hear the barking through the phone, when you should be able to, considering Lester was right next to Annie.

37. After Annie hangs up the phone from talking with Laurie (when Annie spills something on herself), the movie 'The Thing' just begins. But when Annie returns from putting her clothes in the wash and hurries Lindsey over to the Doyle residence, you can hear in the background the TV announcer stating to stay tuned for the horrifying conclusion of 'The Thing'.

38. When Lindsey is watching the horror movie on T.V. and the phone starts to ring, the camera starts to pan over to the phone. During the pan you can see someone's shadow moving on the wall behind Lindsey. Someone got in the lighting behind the camera.

39. In the scene where Tommy sees Michael outside through the window, the porch light is off. When it cuts back to the shot where Michael is gone, the porch light is on.

40. When Annie is taking her clothes off, her underwear is a solid color. However, when she gets in the laundry room, it is polka-dotted. (Sent in by Jason Roberts).

41. When Paul calls and tells Lindsey to go get Annie, Lindsey says hold on and lays the phone down. Later in the laundry room, he calls back. How could he call back when the phone was already off the hook?

42. When Annie asks Lindsey to come with her to go get Paul, Lindsey says she doesn't want to. Then, Annie suggests taking Lindsey to Tommy's and she agrees, so they both get up and leave, forgetting to turn off the T.V. Later on, though, Annie sees that her car door is locked, so she goes into the house and gets her keys. When she enters the living room, however, the T.V. is turned off.

43. How could Annie and Lindsey hear the phone ring when they were outside at the laundry room, far from the house?

44. Why couldn't Tommy, Lindsey or Laurie hear the car horn when Annie was killed?

EXPLANATION: The garage doors were open, so they should have been able to hear the loud horn of the older car. Maybe, since the garage was behind the house, that the house drowned out the sound of the horn and prevented them from hearing it.

45. When Michael is carrying Annie back to the house, her head is on the left while her feet are to the right. Then they cut to Tommy's reaction. When they cut back, her body is now facing the opposite way. Her head is on the right side and the legs are to the left.

46. Why wouldn't Paul call the Wallace house, or even come over before Bob unhooks the phone? Laurie said that Annie should have been back by now, and Paul should have suspected something when Annie didn't show.

EXPLANATION: Paul probably thought Annie ditched him, and went to party somewhere else that night.

47. When Bob picks Lynda up in his arms, he leaves the van door open. After Lynda is murdered, Laurie goes to the house, the door is shut.

48. In the Wallace house, as Lynda and Bob leave the living room to go upstairs, Lynda trips over a dolly track.

49. Lynda tells Bob to go upstairs, to the first door on the left. After Annie, Lynda, and Bob are killed, Laurie goes to look for them. She goes upstairs and passes the first door, going almost to the end of the hall before entering the bedroom. Even though Michael could've moved them to another room, he probably wouldn't haved moved the phone and pumpkin that was in the room with Bob and Lynda while they had sex.

50. When Lynda and Bob go to get it on, Bob unhooks the phone so that nobody else would call. Later, as Linda is trying to call Laurie, she picks up a different phone and calls her. How could she do that when the other phone was off the hook?

51. With that said, why would there be two telephones in one room?

52. Also, when Lynda calls Laurie, it is on a dial phone and she didn't even look at it when she dialed. How could she know she was dialing the right number without looking?

53. The pumpkin in front of the Wallace house seems to change from time to time. When Bob carries Lynda into the house, it's a normal looking pumpkin. When Laurie walks up to the house at the end, however, the pumpkin is different. This one is a lot wider and shorter.

54. When Laurie goes into the living room of the Wallace house, you can see a crew member's arm sticking out from the left wall.

55. When Laurie escapes Lindsey's house at the end, she breaks out a pane of glass in the door to move the rake. The fake glass is easily visible through the light.

56. When the glass is shattered, shards of glass are left sticking out of the frame of the door, but the camera cuts away and when it comes back there are no shards at all, just a clean wooden frame.

57. When Michael is chasing Laurie at the end, she runs out the back door and to the RIGHT. But, when there is a cut to the front of the house, Laurie comes running from the left side instead.

58. When Laurie is banging on the door for Tommy, she leans on the door with her cut arm. However, you can see that no blood is smeared on the door when she backs up.

59. Watch where Laurie barely escapes The Shape and Tommy barely unlocks the door in time. After she tells him to go upstairs, she notices the open window/door next to her and sees the curtain blowing in the wind. In the new DVD version, you can see a large wind fan behind the window, creating the wind to move the curtain.

60. In the famous closet scene, Laurie takes a coat hanger and stabs Michael in the eye. When the camera pans back to Laurie, she drops the coat hanger, but when it goes back to Michael, he pulls it out of his eye.

61. Also toward the end, Laurie stabs Michael in the eye and in the neck. But later, when he is unmasked, there is no mark or blood anywhere around his neck or eyes.

62. As soon as Laurie gets back inside the Doyle's house after The Shape is chasing her, she tells Tommy to hurry. Look at the light switches on the wall, Both switches are already pointing down. When she slides her fingers down over them, they don't go anywhere (since they're already pointed "down," or off) yet the lights still dim.

EXPLANATION: The lights were already pointed off, but then the crew members shut the lights off when her fingers went over the switch.

63. When Tommy and Lindsey go running out of the house at the end, only Tommy screams. Why doesn't Lindsey?

64. Near the end, right after Laurie stabs Michael in the neck with the knitting needle, she picks up his knife then drops it on the floor near the couch. Later, during the closet scene, Michael has the knife and is stabbed with it by Laurie. However, during the closing montage, the knife is still lying on the ground by the couch.

65. Michael has his age listed as "age 23" in the credits, where he was actually 21 in the film.

66. Sheriff Brackett is listed in the credits as "Leigh Brackett," yet when he introduces himself to Dr. Loomis, he says his name is "Pete Brackett."

67. On the back of the 'Halloween' VHS box, Myers is spelled wrong as Meyers. The same goes for a track on the original soundtrack.

68. On the box for the Limited Edition of the movie by Anchor Bay, Debra Hill's name is spelled wrong (Deborah).

69. Palm trees can be seen at numerous times throughout the film. Obviously, palm trees can't grow in Illinois. This happened, though, because it was filmed in California.

70. Set in October in Illinois, the leaves should not be green.

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