1. Where was the group headed on their way through Texas?

2. What did Morgan use to smuggle marijuana out of Mexico?

3. What did the main bumper sticker say (near the spare tire)?

4. What was the name of the gas station where the group stopped after the suicide?

5. Where did the sheriff insist on meeting with the group to investigate the suicide?

6. What cartoon was playing when Leatherface killed Kemper?

7. What item fell out of Kemper's pocket when Leatherface hung him upside down?

8. What famous mascot was featured on the inside ceiling of Kemper's van?

9. How did Andy attempt to get help when he was hung on the meat hook in the basement?

10. What was the name of the slaughterhouse?


1. The group was heading to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Dallas.
2. Morgan smuggled marijuana out of Mexico inside a pinata.
3. The bumper sticker read, 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'.
4. The gas station was called the 'CELE Community Center- General Merchandise'.
5. The sheriff insisted on meeting the group at the old Crawford Mill to investigate the suicide.
6. The cartoon playing when Leatherface killed Kemper was called 'Much Ado About Mutton'.
7. An engagement ring fell out of Kemper's pocket when he was hung upside down.
8. Alfred E. Neuman, the famous mascot of MAD Magazine, was featured on the inside ceiling of the van.
9. Andy attempted to get help by pressing down on the keys of a piano with the tips of his toes.
10. The name of the slaughterhouse was the Blair Meat Company.

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