1. What were the call letters of Stretch's radio station?

2. What did the sign in L.G.'s audio booth say?

3. What was the license plate of the Mercedes in the film's opening?

4. What was Lefty's relationship to Sally and Franklin?

5. What was the name of The Cook's barbeque business?

6. What incriminating item did the judge almost eat at the chili contest?

7. Where was the location of the Sawyer's new butcher shop?

8. What odd item did Lefty use to attempt to rescue Stretch from falling?

9. What gruesome discovery did Lefty make inside the underground labyrinth?

10. According to The Cook, how old was Grandpa?


1. Stretch's radio station was KOKLA.
2. The sign in L.G.'s audio booth said 'Damn I'm Good'.
3. The license plate of the Mercedes in the opening read 'FAH-Q'.
4. Lefty was Sally and Franklin's uncle.
5. The Cook's barbeque business was called 'The Last Round-Up Rolling Grill'.
6. The judge at the chili contest almost ate a tooth (which Drayton called a peppercorn).
7. The Sawyers' new butcher shop was beneath the old 'Texas Battle Land' theme park.
8. Lefty used a badly decomposed arm to try to rescue Stretch from falling.
9. Lefty discovered the decomposed body of his nephew Franklin, still in his wheel chair.
10. According to The Cook, Grandpa was 137 years old (and still as fast as Jesse James).

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