John Larroquette: Opening Narration

The Flashbulb sound

Morgan: "32,000 Americans each day are infected with a sexually-transmitted disease..."

Erin: "Hey...are you okay???"

Morgan: "Kemper, didn't your mother ever tell you not to pick up hitchhikers?"

Teenage Girl: "The bad man...he's really bad..."

Teenage Girl: "You're going the wrong way!"

Teenage Girl: "You're all gonna die!"

Andy: "I guess that's what brains look like...sorta like lasagna..."

Luda Mae: "Young man...what you do is your own business..."

Monty: "Do I look like a sheriff?"

Sheriff Hoyt: "I got just as much respect for a dead body as anybody around here..."

Sheriff Hoyt: "Protect and's what we do..."

Pepper: "I happen to like my teeth right where they are..."

Monty: "What the hell are you doing in my house?"

Monty: "You're so dead you don't even know it..."

Sheriff Hoyt: "I smell bullsh*t..."

Sheriff Hoyt: " afraid of a little blood?"

Erin: "That's not your stole her!"

Luda Mae: "You best stay out there with them dogs...till you learn how to play by the rules..."

Luda Mae: "I know your kind...nothing but cruelty and ridicule for my boy..."

John Larroquette: Closing Narration

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