Don LaFontaine: Opening Narration

Stretch: "This is Stretch on river rock and roll..."

Lefty: "Hell...Hell's exactly what they raised..."

Cook: "I got a real good eye for prime runs in the family..."

Cook: " of those hardshell peppercorns..."

Cook: "We're number one...the Sawyer's are number one!"

Chop-Top: "To a far-out fan!"

Chop-Top: "Look what you did to my Sonny Bono wig!"

Chop-Top: "Hey, lick my plate, you dog dick!"

Chop-Top: "Time for incoming mail!!!"

Stretch: "How good are you?"

Chop-Top: "Did you get her, Bubba? Did you get that b*tch?!"

Chop-Top: "A bonus body!!!"

Lefty: "Lord, help me beat this stranger that walks beside me..."

Lefty: "It's the devil's playground..."

Cook: "Look what your brother's done now!"

Lefty: "I'll take you back to hell...I'll take you to hell!"

Cook: "You've got one choice, or the saw..."

Cook: "Sex is, uh, nobody knows...but the saw...the saw is family!!!"

Cook: "Bubba's got something to show ya here...look...a slurpee booty!"

Lefty: "I'm the Lord of the Harvest!"

Chop-Top: "It's like death eatin' a cracker, isn't it?!"

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