1. Obviously, given that it was a remake, there were a lot of similarities between this film and the original. This included the flash bulb sound effect, the story of the teens crossing the country in the van, picking up a hitchhiker, stopping at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, only to meet their doom in the form of the psychopathic family of cannibals.

2. This film marked the return of John Larroquette as the narrator.

3. Early in the film, Morgan tells Kemper, "didn't your mother ever tell you not to pick up hitchhikers?" This is a nod to the TCM fanbase, referring to the hitchhiker (Nubbins) in the original film.

4. The gas station sold meat (presumably human meat) just like Drayton Sawyer did in Part 2.

5. On the back wall of the gas station, there is a pennant for the Pflugerville Panthers. Pflugerville, Texas, is where 'The Next Generation' was filmed.

6. The group finds various car parts and a large windsock at the old Crawford Mill, similar to the other four films.

7. Erin and Kemper walking together through the woods only to discover the Hewitt House is similar to Pam and Kirk, who did the same thing in the original film.

8. Kemper's death scene is similar to Kirk's in that he is struck by a sledgehammer and is dragged away while his body violently shakes.

9. Leatherface's infamous sliding door makes a return in this film, only it shuts from left to right, instead of right to left like the original.

10. The group finds various teeth amongst the scattering of items, just like Kirk, who finds a tooth on the Sawyer's front porch in the original.

11. Andy is hung on a meat hook just like Pam in the original, and Heather in the fourth film.

12. The infamous Leatherface-chases-heroine through the woods scene is brought back in this film. There is some variation of this scene in all of the TCM films.

13. While chasing Erin through the woods, Leatherface destroys some tree branches, just like the other Leatherface actors did in the previous films.

14. While evading Leatherface, Erin runs to a trailer to sanctuary, just like Jenny did in 'The Next Generation'.

15. Leatherface grabbing Erin from behind through a wall is similar to 'Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood', where Jason grabs Maddie the same way.

16. Leatherface accidentally takes his own chainsaw to his leg, just like Gunnar Hansen did in the original.

17. Erin runs through a cow corral to escape Leatherface, just like Baby does in Rob Zombie's film 'The Devil's Rejects', which comes two years later. It's more of a similarity of that film to this one, but worth noting nonetheless.

18. Erin hides in a locker from Leatherface at the meat plant, just like Gibb hides in a locker evading Freddy Krueger in 'Freddy Vs. Jason', a film that came out the same year as this one.

19. The infamous heroine-rescued-by-truck-driver is brought back in this film as well, something that became a staple of the TCM franchise, as it appeared in all the other films in some sort.

20. At the end of the film, Erin comes full circle and becomes totally catatonic, saying "I want to go home" and "I can't go back there!" This is exactly the same things the hitchhiker said in the beginning of the film when the group picked her up.

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