Steve Jablonsky- Leatherface
Steve Jablonsky- Kemper Gets Whacked
Steve Jablonsky- Andy Loses A Leg
Steve Jablonsky- Last Goodbye
Nothingface- Down In Flames
Fear Factory- Archetype (Remix)
Core-Tez- Five Months



1. Pantera- Immortally Insane
2. Hatebreed- Below The Bottom
3. Soil- Pride
4. Static-X- Deliver Me
5. Mushroomhead- 43
6. Seether- Pig
7. Nothingface- Down In Flames
8. 40 Below Summer- Self Medicate
9. Motograter- Suffocate
10. Shadows Fall- Destroyer Of Senses
11. Meshuggah- Rational Gaze
12. Fear Factory- Archetype (Remix)
13. Morbid Angel- Enshrined By Grace
14. Index Case- Listen
15. Lamb Of God- Ruin
16. Finger Eleven- Stay In Shadow
17. Sworn Enemy- As Real As It Gets
18. Core-Tez- Five Months


1. Leatherface
2. He's A Bad Man
3. Erin And Kemper
4. Hewitt House
5. Driving With A Corpse
6. Kemper Gets Whacked/Jedidiah
7. Crawford Mill
8. Interrogation
9. Andy Loses A Leg
10. You're So Dead
11. Hook Me Up
12. My Boy
13. Morgan's Wild Ride/Van Attack
14. Mercy Killing
15. Prairie House
16. Final Confrontation
17. Can't Go Back
18. Last Goodbye

Lynyrd Skynyrd- Sweet Home Alabama
This Mortal Coil- Song To The Siren
Peter Gabriel- Signal To Noise

Score Composed & Performed By- Steve Jablonsky

"Sweet Home Alabama"
Written By Edward C. King
Ronnie Van Zant & Gary Rossington
Performed By Lynyrd Skynyrd
Produced By Al Kooper
From The Album "Second Helping"
Courtesy Of MCA Records
Under License From Universal Music Enterprises

"A Part Of Me"
Written By Rick Garcia & Rene Reyes
Performed By Rick Garcia & Rene Reyes
Courtesy Of Fastkat Music

"Song To The Siren"
Written By Larry Beckett & Tim Buckley
Performed By This Mortal Coil
Produced By John Fryer & Ivo Watts-Russell
From The Album "It'll End In Tears"
Courtesy Of 4AD Records

"Signal To Noise"
Written By Peter Gabriel
Performed By Peter Gabriel
Produced By Peter Gabriel
From The Album "Up"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records

"Immortally Insane"
Written By Phil Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell
Vinnie Paul & Rex Brown
Performed By Pantera
Produced By Kim Davis
From The Import Album "Reinventing Hell"
Courtesy Of Elektra Records

"Below The Bottom"
Written By Jamey Jasta, Sean Martin
Lou Richards & Chris Beattie
Performed By Hatebreed
Produced By Matt Hyde
From The Album "Perseverance"
Courtesy Of Universal Records

Written By Ryan McCombs, Adam Zadel
Shaun Glass, Tim King & Tom Schofield
Performed By Soil
Produced By John Karkazis & Nick Raskulinecz
From The Album "Redefine"
Courtesy Of J. Records

"Deliver Me"
Written By Wayne Static & Tripp Eisen
Performed By Static-X
Produced By Josh Abraham & Tim Whalley
From The Album "Beneath...Between...Beyond"
Courtesy Of Warner Bros. Records

Written By Steve Felton, Jeffrey Hatrix
Tom Schmitz & John Sekula
Performed By Mushroomhead
Produced By Steve Felton & Mushroomhead
From The Album "XX"
Courtesy Of MRH Records

Written By Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart
Pat Callahan & Josh Freese
Performed By Seether
Produced By Jay Baumgardner & Bob Marlette
From The Album "Disclaimer II"
Courtesy Of Wind-Up Records

"Down In Flames"
Written By Matt Holt, Tom Maxwell
Bill Gaal & Tommy Sickles
Performed By Nothingface
Produced By Bill Kennedy
From The Import Album "Skeletons"
Courtesy Of TVT Records

"Self Medicate"
Written By Max Ilidge, Joey D'Amico
Jordan Plingos, Hector Graziani & Carlos Aguilar
Performed By 40 Below Summer
Produced By David Bendeth
From The Album "The Mourning After"
Courtesy Of Razor & Tie Records

Written By Ivan Moody, Matt Nunes, Bruce Butler
Chris Binns, Joey Krzywonski, Zak Ward, & J.R.
Performed By Motograter
Produced By James Barton
From The Album "Motograter"
Courtesy Of Elektra/Warner Bros. Records

"Destroyer Of Senses"
Written By Brian Fair, Jonathan Donais, Matt Bachand
Paul Romanko, Jason Bittner, Dan Egan & Chris Bartlett
Performed By Shadows Fall
Produced By Chris Harris
From The Album "The Art Of Balance"
Courtesy Of Century Media Records

"Rational Gaze"
Written By Tomas Haake & Fredrik Thordendahl
Performed By Meshuggah
Produced By Meshuggah
From The Album "Nothing"
Courtesy Of Nuclear Blast Records

"Archetype (Remix)"
Written By Burton C. Bell, Raymond Herrera
And Christian Olde Wolbers
Performed By Fear Factory
Produced By Fear Factory
From The Album "Archetype"
Courtesy Of Liquid 8 Records

"Enshrined By Grace"
Written By Trey Azagthoth & Steve Tucker
Performed By Morbid Angel
Produced By Juan Gonzalez & Morbid Angel
From The Album "Heretic"
Courtesy Of Earache Records

Written By Joe Ansley, Josh Parker
Jordan Spence & Korey Birkenholtz
Performed By Index Case
Produced By James Barton
From The Album "Index Case"
Courtesy Of Mortal Music

Written By Randy Blythe, Mark Morton
Willie Adler, John Campbell & Chris Adler
Performed By Lamb Of God
Produced By Devin Townsend & Lamb Of God
From The Album "As The Palaces Burn"
Courtesy Of Prosthetic/Epic Records/Black Market Activities

"Stay In Shadow"
Written By Scott Anderson, James Black
Rick Jackett, Sean Anderson & Rich Beddoe
Performed By Finger Eleven
Produced By John Karkazis
From The Album "Finger Eleven"
Courtesy Of Wind-Up Records

"As Real As It Gets"
Written By Sal Lococo, Mike Raffinello
Lorenzo Antonucci, Mike Couls & Paul Antignai
Performed By Sworn Enemy
Produced By Jamey Jasta & Chris Harris
From The Album "As Real As It Gets"
Courtesy Of Elektra Records

"Five Months"
Written By Marc Rizzo & Roger Vasquez
Performed By Core-Tez
Produced By Marc Rizzo & Roger Vasquez
From The Single Album "Five Months"
Courtesy Of Phlamancore Records

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