Arkey Blue- Daddy's Sick Again
Arkey Blue- Misty Hours Of Daylight
Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell- Smell Of The Slaughterhouse
Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell- Sign Of The Hitchhiker
Tobe Hooper & Wayne Bell- End Titles
Lords Of The New Church- Good To Be Bad
Lords Of The New Church- Mind Warp
Stewart Copeland- Strange Things Happen
Torch Song- White Night
Jim Manzie- Main Title
Jim Manzie- Leatherface Chases Michelle
Jim Manzie- Benny And Excalibur
Laaz Rockit- Leatherface
Wrath- When Worlds Collide
SGM- Power
Utter Lunacy- Monster Mash
SGM- Acid Rain
Blackmale- The Smooth Jam
Wayne Bell- Main Titles
Blind Willie's Johnson- Bodcaw
The Loose Diamonds- Ruby
Cecilia Saint- Aphrodite
The Naughty Ones- Voodoo Kiss
The Coffee Sergeants- Blue Moon At Dawn
Erik & Erik- The Wolf At Night
Steve Jablonsky- Leatherface
Steve Jablonsky- Kemper Gets Whacked
Steve Jablonsky- Andy Loses A Leg
Steve Jablonsky- Last Goodbye
Nothingface- Down In Flames
Fear Factory- Archetype (Remix)
Core-Tez- Five Months
Steve Jablonsky- Main Title
Steve Jablonsky- Biker Chase
Steve Jablonsky- Chrissie Finds Eric
Steve Jablonsky- Dean's Death
Steve Jablonsky- Epilogue
The Placemints- Dancing On Top Of The World
G-Block- Got It On
Carey Moore- Thought I Was A Stud
Rick Riso- Lonesome
Brett Boyett- Normandy
Tom Leonard & Logan Mader- Closer To The Bone
Christophe Deschamps- Gonna Have A Good Time
Slackjaw Blues- 11-59
Patti La Salle- It's Over


1. Opening Titles
2. The Graveyard
3. Smell Of The Slaughterhouse
4. Sign Of The Hitchhiker
5. The Drive Back To The House
6. Jerry Finds Pam In The Freezer/Full Moon Saw Chase
7. At Dawn They Feast/Escape Through A Window
8. A Room Of Feathers And Bones
9. End Titles
10. End Titles (Flesh Wounds Edition)

1. The Lords Of The New Church- Good To Be Bad
2. The Cramps- Goo Goo Muck
3. Concrete Blonde- Your Haunted Head
4. Timbuk 3- Life Is Hard
5. Torch Song- White Night
6. Stewart Copeland- Strange Things Happen
7. Concrete Blonde- Over Your Shoulder
8. Timbuk 3- Shame On You
9. The Lords Of The New Church- Mind Warp
10. Oingo Boingo- No One Lives Forever

1. Laaz Rockit- Leatherface
2. Death Angel- Bored
3. Wrath- When the Worlds Collide
4. Hurricane- Spark In My Heart
5. SGM- Power
6. Sacred Reich- One Nation
7. Utter Lunacy- Monster Mash
8. Wasted Youth- The Gift Of Death
9. The Obsession- Methods Of Madness
10. MX Machine- Psychotic Killing Machine


1. Main Title
2. Welcome To Texas
3. The Body Pit
4. Body Pit Transition
5. Armadillo Ran Over
6. Rearview Mirror A La Alfredo
7. Alfredo's Office Part 1
8. Alfredo's Office Part 2
9. Alfredo's Peep Show Part 1
10. Alfredo's Peep Show Part 2
11. Car Chase
12. Sliced Benz
13. Car Crash
14. Forest Part 1
15. Forest Part 2
16. Dead Tex
17. Sarah Appears
18. Sarah's Hand
19. Tink Flattens Benny
20. The Lovers Search For Benny
21. More Forest Music
22. Benny's Stings
23. They Watch The Road
24. They Watch The Road (Alternate)
25. Benny Springs The Trap
26. Leatherface Gets Sarah And Ryan
27. First Look At The Little Girl
28. First Look At The Little Girl (Alternate)
29. Leatherface Chases Sarah
30. Sarah And Ryan Kaput
31. Sarah And Ryan Kaput Part 2
32. Room Of Bones
33. Just Twitch
34. Benny Watches Alfredo
35. The Saw Is Family
36. One Down
37. Troubled Youth
38. The Pursuit Theme
39. That's It For Ryan
40. Michelle Gets Terrorized
41. Michelle Escapes
42. The Flesh Is Weak
43. Leatherface Chases Michelle
44. Benny And Excalibur
45. Sorry, Little Guy
46. Crispy Tex
47. Crispy Tex Part 2
48. Finale, Free At Last

1. Der Einziger Weg
2. The Only Way
3. Instrumental
4. Debaucherous Glittermix

1. Pantera- Immortally Insane
2. Hatebreed- Below The Bottom
3. Soil- Pride
4. Static-X- Deliver Me
5. Mushroomhead- 43
6. Seether- Pig
7. Nothingface- Down In Flames
8. 40 Below Summer- Self Medicate
9. Motograter- Suffocate
10. Shadows Fall- Destroyer Of Senses
11. Meshuggah- Rational Gaze
12. Fear Factory- Archetype (Remix)
13. Morbid Angel- Enshrined By Grace
14. Index Case- Listen
15. Lamb Of God- Ruin
16. Finger Eleven- Stay In Shadow
17. Sworn Enemy- As Real As It Gets
18. Core-Tez- Five Months


1. Leatherface
2. He's A Bad Man
3. Erin And Kemper
4. Hewitt House
5. Driving With A Corpse
6. Kemper Gets Whacked/Jedidiah
7. Crawford Mill
8. Interrogation
9. Andy Loses A Leg
10. You're So Dead
11. Hook Me Up
12. My Boy
13. Morgan's Wild Ride/Van Attack
14. Mercy Killing
15. Prairie House
16. Final Confrontation
17. Can't Go Back
18. Last Goodbye


1. Main Title
2. Birth
3. Fired
4. Chainsaw
5. Officer Hoyt
6. Biker Chase
7. Chrissie Alone
8. Mama's House
9. Ten Push Ups
10. Attempted Rescue
11. Preparing The Victims
12. Chrissie Finds Eric
13. Eric's Death
14. Face Removal
15. Dinner
16. Meat Factory
17. Dean's Death
18. Epilogue

Roger Bartlett- Fool For A Blonde
Roky Erickson- Crazy Crazy Mama
Pariah- Torn & Tied
Tail Gators- Mumbo Jumbo
The Skatenigs- I Got It Made
Pariah- Love To Turn You On
Daniel Johnston- Careless Soul
Pushmonkey- Mother
Beau Jocque- Don't Tell Your Mama, Don't Tell Your Papa
Roky Erickson- Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog)
Lynyrd Skynyrd- Sweet Home Alabama
This Mortal Coil- Song To The Siren
Peter Gabriel- Signal To Noise
John R. Butler- Hand Of The Almighty
Dave Lowe- A Tramp
Trey Songz feat. T.I.- 2 Reasons
Willa & The Buffalo Chips- Jimmy Crack Corn
Louis Prima- The Closer To The Bone
Mark Lanegan- The Beast In Me
Nathaniel Mayer- Leave Me Alone
Jonny Redmond- Working On The Line
Nancy Barry- Don't Take Me For Granted



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