1. Gunnar Hansen, who played Leatherface in the original film, was asked to play the role of the trucker at the end of the film. He declined, wanting nothing to do it.

2. John Larroquette, who provided the narration in the original film, returned to do so for this film (and the 2006 prequel as well).

3. The severed head of Harry Jay Knowles from 'Ain't It Cool News' can be seen in the basement of the Hewitt House.

4. Erin's last name Hardesty was the same last name as lead characters Sally and Franklin from the original film.

5. There was a subplot deleted where Erin revealed she was pregnant, hence why she didn't "drink the water" or "smoke the weed" in Mexico, as they talked about in the final cut.

6. Daniel Pearl, cinematographer of the original film, also returned to serve in the same capacity in this film.

7. When Erin pulls out a knife to unpick a lock, Pepper asks her where she got it. Erin replies, "from my brother". In the original film, Sally's brother Franklin is obsessed with his knife, and at one point in the film gives it to Sally, who never returns it.

8. After learning about the remake, Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface) went up to producer Michael Bay at a Christmas party and personally asked him for the role.

9. On his final day of shooting, Eric Balfour stripped down, threw his wardrobe back to the crew, and walked off the set only wearing a baseball cap.

10. In the original script, Jedidiah was going to wear a Felix the Cat T-shirt throughout the movie. This was later scrapped because the copyright holders wouldn't allow it. However, the novelization of the movie features the character wearing the shirt. Also, Jedidiah was going to be killed by Leatherface by slicing his chainsaw through his back because he let Erin and Morgan go. This was later scrapped because the filmmakers thought it was too intense.

11. Lauren German, who plays the Hitchhiker, originally auditioned for the role of Erin.

12. In the original script, the Hitchhiker was 15-16 years old. The filmmakers later decided to changed her age to make her about the same age as the principal cast.

13. In 2002, Marilyn Manson was announced as the composer of the music for this film. However, he later had to bow out due to a conflict in schedules. He later went on to produce the score of the film 'Resident Evil' (2003).

14. This film was banned in the Ukraine by the Ministry of Culture.

15. Erica Leerhsen (Pepper) screamed so loudly during her screen test that people in other parts of the building called the police to report that a woman was being attacked.

16. During the scene in the van with R. Lee Ermey (The Sheriff) and Jonathan Tucker (Morgan), Tucker forced the gun down his throat in order to make himself vomit every take. If you watch carefully you can see him spit the vomit out of his mouth in the scene.

17. Dolph Lundgren was first considered to play Leatherface, but he turned them down so he could spend more time with his family.

18. It is never directly mentioned that the Hewitt family are cannibals until the revelation at the end of the film.

19. The scene where Leatherface takes of his mask is an homage to 'Leatherface' (1990), the third film in the series. In that movie, the producers had a similar scene but had to cut it to obtain their 'R' rating. In addition to that, there was a scene planned for the original film showing Leatherface take off his mask, but Tobe Hooper cut it to maintain the masked aura of the boogeyman that he wanted Leatherface to be.

20. The bumper sticker on Kemper's van reads: 'Nothing Is True / Believing Is Permitted', an obvious reference to the movie's 'Based On Actual Events' claims. Other bumper stickers on the van included a Mexican flag, frowning yellow face, a peace sign, and ones that read 'Hippie Chicks Rule' and 'Sh*t Happens'.

21. Evan Rachel Wood was considered for the role of the Hitchhiker.

22. Kirsten Dunst, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba were among those considered to play Erin.

23. This film was made into a haunted house attraction at Universal's 'Halloween Horror Nights' in both Florida and Hollywood Universal parks.

24. Kemper's death was originally slightly more graphic: after Leatherface hits him in the back of the head with the sledgehammer, he drops to the floor gasping and convulsing with blood pouring out of his head. Pepper's death was also more graphic, originally Leatherface swipes the chainsaw down into her cutting into her stomach. In the final cut of the film, the impact is off screen (you only see Leatherface swipe the chainsaw down, and you hear it cutting into her, with feathers from her jacket floating in the air.

25. To avoid an NC-17 rating in the USA, the more graphic shots of Morgan's death were cut. The original version of the scene featured the shot of the chainsaw slicing into his crotch and then having intestines and blood falling out of him. The cut version cuts away when the chainsaw is about to cut him and totally omits the part where his intestines fall from his body. The hitchhiker death scene was also cut severely. The original scene has her ear flying off of her head and blood and brain matter being more dark in color and more in amount flying out of her head.

26. Leatherface wore two masks in this film. In the original, as well as the third and fourth films, he wore three. In the second film, he wore only one.

27. In researching the role of Leatherface, Andrew Bryniarski watched the original film and studied Gunnar Hansen's portrayal of the character. According to Bryniarski, he took the confusion Gunnar portrayed and turned it into anger in this film.

28. R. Lee Ermey was the producers' choice to play Sheriff Hoyt from the beginning. In fact, R. Lee became so engrossed in his character that the producers felt by the end of filming that he knew more about the character than they did.

29. R. Lee Ermey stayed at a Motel 6 near the set so he could practice and get into character. The rest of the cast stayed at a luxurious hotel in Austin, which was an hour away.

30. The scene where Sheriff Hoyt arrives and wraps the dead body is almost all ad-libbed by R. Lee Ermey. The producers had something radically different written in the script, but when they saw what Ermey was doing, they let him go and ended up liking it so much, they kept it in the final print.

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