1. The opening of the film was originally much different. In it, Erin, now 30 years older, is locked up in an asylum, and is interviewed by FBI agent Randy Fletcher. Erin, in a wheelchair, clutches a bible and explains that one of the officers admitted the case was mishanlded from the beginning. She then goes on to talk about why "they got the wrong man". She says she reviewed the autopsy photos of the killer, and says point blank that "it wasn't him". With the agent listening intently, Erin says he's still out there, that she cannot sleep at night, and that "she remembers it all". The scene then cuts to a swimming hole of the group and she concludes with, "it was a terribly hot day". The scene then plays out in the van with 'Sweet Home Alabama' playing.


2. The original cut of the hitchhiker's suicide was considerably more gory. The scene plays out the same, but when she shoots herself, her ear gets blown off, and a bunch of gray matter flies all over the inside of the van. In addition, there is more blood spread around, and some of it even splatters on the hula doll near the front dashboard.

ERIN'S NEWS (1:16)

3. Originally, there was a subplot that Erin was pregnant, explaining why she didn't drink or do drugs in Mexico with the rest of the group. During the extended portion of the scene, Pepper is worried about Luda Mae getting their license plate. Andy then mocks Luda Mae and says, "what you do is your own business". Erin then pulls Kemper aside and tells him he's going to be a dad, and that she is not having their baby in prison. She then tells him to "take care of this". The two then head off into the field toward the Hewitt House.


4. After Kemper asks how to get to the sheriff's house, there was originally an extended sequence between Erin and Kemper as they walk through the woods. They talk about getting married, and Erin insists they get married because "you want to, not because you have to". Kemper explains he wants more for them than being a dirty mechanic, and says he is waiting for the right time. Erin jokes they should get into smuggling heroine instead of the "Mexican homegrown", and then gets serious and says she does not want to get fat. Kemper, trying to lighten the mood, says she is going "to make a beautiful fat lady".


5. In an extended sequence at the old Crawford Mill, Jedidiah shows Pepper some drawings he made. Pepper says they are really good, and that she "feels so honored". Jedidiah then takes Pepper, Morgan and Andy inside to see some more, and they go through the rest of the scene where they find several artifacts, including a fake skull and bones and a pair of glasses. The group then gets startled by a noise and Jedidiah runs away.


6. Morgan's death scene was cut considerably in the final print. Originally, after Leatherface hangs him up, he guts him with the chainsaw, cutting him from his groin all the way up to his chest. Blood splattered all over the place, and his intestines fell out onto the floor. Erin then runs out the door with Leatherface not far behind.


7. The original ending was a lot different than what was actually released. To coincide with the alternate opening, the older Erin's interview with the FBI concludes. They give her a glass of water, and she tells them that the babies are "with their foster families...they're happy". Agent Fletcher asks her again why they got the wrong guy, and she explains, "the body in the autopsy photos had two arms...he only had one". Fletcher asks her to repeat that, and then the scene cuts to a sting operation at the abandoned house in the woods where Morgan was killed. The agents move in and break down the door and find the body of a heavyset woman dead in the bed. After that, they cut to a shot of a now fatter Leatherface walking away, with only his one arm showing.


8. There was an ending (as well as a whole plot point) conceived but never shot. Originally, Erin was supposed to be nine months pregnant during the film, and in the end, she ends up hiding from Leatherface outside the meat factory. As dawn approaches, Erin, who thinks she's going to be okay, goes into labor and delivers the baby-- who starts to cry. Not long after, the sliding door to the meat factory opens, and Leatherface steps out. He then revs up his chainsaw and approaches her as the screen goes to black. This was re-written for the more complete ending that appeared theatrically.

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