1. While in their travels on August 18, 1973, the group listens to "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This was not possible, as the song wasn't released until 1974, on the band's album, "Second Helping".

2. In the beginning of the film, it states that the massacre happened on Route 17 in Travis County. There is no Route 17 in Travis County, TX. Later, as the van is entering Fuller, TX, Pepper screams, "We're three hours from Dallas". Fuller is actually six hours from Dallas, eight hours from Travis County, and not along the way from El Paso, which is where Pepper says they came from.

3. The local law enforcement is referred to as the Travis County Police Department when it should have been Travis County Sheriff's Department.

4. Leatherface's chainsaw is a recent model Husqvarna 359XP, which has a chain break on it. During the film, the chain break is taken off to make it look like it was from that time period because they didn't have them in 1973. However, after the first chase scene you can see Leatherface cutting trees with a chain break on it.

5. Erin's shirt is tied in a knot for the entire movie. However, twice the shirt is not knotted. First, when running to the closet in the second house her shirt flops around but is again tied as soon as she is sitting with the rats. Later, it is again loose as she runs outside in the rain by the meat factory, then tied again as she is sitting in the truck.

6. Near the beginning of the film, while the van full of teenagers is driving along the highway, there is a long shot of the van. In that shot, the van is visibly empty of any occupants other than the driver.

7. When the van passes by a fence near the beginning, the back door of the van is halfway open. For the rest of the film, it is fully closed.

8. Near the beginning of the movie (just after picking up the hitchhiker), the series of close-ups reveals a residential neighborhood passing by the window.

9. When the hitchhiker commits suicide, her blood splatters on a green, hula girl ornament in the front of the van. Earlier, there was a different looking hula girl ornament there.

10. When the hitchhiker first shoots herself, the exit hole in the back window is jagged. In all other shots afterward, it is perfectly round.

11. Also in that scene, when she shoots herself, blood splatters all over the window. Yet when they all get out of the van, there is no blood visible on the back window.

12. At the beginning of the film, when the group goes to the store, Pepper is alternately leaning/not leaning on the wall between shots when Erin tries to open the door.

13. After the hitchhiker commits suicide, and the group exits the van, the front passenger door is left open. Kemper is shown standing next to the open door, with his hands on his head. The camera cuts to Morgan for a moment, and then back to Kemper, who is in the same position, yet the door is closed.

14. Early in the film, when Kemper picks up the bottle out of the van and throws it, the sound of the bottle shattering comes way before the bottle would have hit the ground.

15. At the beginning of the film, when the group is driving in the van and they hit a bump, the body of the dead girl falls over onto the floor of the van. Yet, when they stop at the mill, the body is seen sitting up in the back of the van.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps one of them set her back up, even though they were absolutely repulsed by the body and wanted to stay away from it.

16. When leaving the gas station to go to the mill to meet the sheriff, the newspaper over the dead girl's head disappears and reappears between shots.

EXPLANATION: Maybe it fell off and one of the group threw the paper back over her head.

17. When turning to go to the mill, a round bale of hay is seen in the field. The bale is bound with netwrap. However, in 1973, the only possible binding would have been twine.

18. The infamous sliding door of Leatherface goes from left to right in this film, the direct opposite of how it was in the original film.

19. When we first see Sheriff Hoyt's car, it says the Fuller County Sheriff's Department. How can that be, when they were supposed to be in Travis County?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the sheriff Hoyt killed in the prequel was from Fuller County, and he simply stole his car.

20. When Sheriff Hoyt climbs into the van to begin wrapping the dead hitchhiker's body with the saran wrap, he begins wrapping the head first. Moments later, he is still wrapping the head but her whole body is already wrapped.

21. When Sheriff Hoyt is saran-wrapping the dead girl in the van, the roll of wrap jumps in and out of the box between shots.

22. How would one roll of saran wrap be able to wrap an entire body? It may have gone around once, but it would not have been packed so tightly and thickly, as it appears in the film.

23. When Monty tells Erin and Andy, "'re so dead, you don't even know it", read his lips. The words don't match up. It looks like he says, "little shit, you're so dead, you don't even know it", and they edited it out, probably to get the 'R' rating.

24. When Leatherface first begins to chase Erin and Andy inside the house and Andy turns aside the chainsaw with the tire iron, we see the saw from below and it is cutting length-wise through the floor boards. However, when we see the same shot from above, the saw is cutting across the width of the boards.

25. Right before Andy gets his leg cut off, look closely. You can see Andy's real leg bent above the fake leg that ultimatelly gets chopped off.

26. When Leatherface is carrying Andy on his shoulders down the stairs to the basement, you can see the bill of someone's baseball hat to the right of the screen for a second in the shot of the basement from the bottom of the stairs.

27. While Leatherface sits and sews his skin mask, it is clear that he is not really sewing. The hand wheel on the right of the machine does not turn. A sewing machine's hand wheel has to move if the needle moves, as they are synchronized.

28. When Erin is with Andy in the basement, the shots of the sole of Andy's foot show drops of water dripping from his toes. Yet the shots that show his foot from the front show no such thing.

29. When Erin finds Andy in the basement, his toes are touching the keys of the piano under him. Later on ,after she kills him and kneels in front of him, it is clear that his foot is too high to reach the keys.

30. When the Sheriff is holding the driver's licenses of the Erin, Morgan and Pepper, what appears to be their date of birth is shown to be the same on all three, '3-11-92'. Also, even though they are supposedly from three different states, the printing and information on the licenses are identical. They show the same address, "37218 N. A..." (you cannot see any more of the street name), and you see what appears to be "District Of..." on the bottom line where the state would be. This would mean they all live together and are from Washington, District of Columbia.

31. When Sheriff Hoyt has Erin, Morgan and Pepper prone in the dirt, he has their driver's licenses in his hand. As he starts to toss them down, the second license clearly states that it is an Arizona license. All three of the licenses are identical except for the picture. As he throws them down to them, he calls out the states of each of the owners. He first says "Arizona", although that is the second license, not the first one. He then says "Colorado" as he tosses down the Arizona license and finally says "New York" for the third.

32. In the scene where Hoyt arrests Morgan and drives him to the house, you can tell Hoyt isn't really driving a car and that is a set made up to look like the car is moving.

33. In a shot of the police car after Sheriff Hoyt drives off with Morgan, Morgan disappears while passing the camera.

34. Before Leatherface starts to attack Erin and Pepper in the van, Pepper enters the van and does not shut the door. But when she exits the van to get away from Leatherface, she has to open the door to get out.

35. Why would the van's tires just fall off? Neither Hoyt not Leatherface had the time to sabotage them, especially with the group watching.

36. If Pepper was truly massacred with the chainsaw, there would have been blood everywhere. However, in that scene, there isn't any at all.

37. In the scene when Jedidiah is helping Erin and Morgan escape the basement, you can see Erin climb the last four steps that lead outside. Then the camera cuts to Jedidiah biting Leatherface on the hand. After that, the camera cuts back again and we see Erin climbing back up those same four steps again.

38. What are the odds that the thunder and lightning would strike just as Erin left the meat plant?

EXPLANATION: Hollywood dramatic effects.

39. When Erin backs over Sheriff Hoyt and turns on the winshield wipers to wipe off the blood, the windshield is free of blood the shot before.

40. As Sheriff Hoyt falls to the ground after being struck and thrown over the police car, he very obviously ends up face down on the pavement. In the next wide scene, as you see the car start to back up, he is motionless and still face down. There is a cut to a close-up, and the Sheriff is now somehow lying on his back as he starts to get up, without ever having turned over.

41. During the final scenes, Erin clearly cuts off Leatherface's right forearm, but at the end while she is driving away with the baby, he is holding the chainsaw with his right arm, while his left arm is missing.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the producers filmed it correctly, but to get the positioning they wanted, they had to reverse the frame.

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