1. At various times throughout the movie, the characters say the events in the first film took place either 12 or 13 or 14 years ago.

EXPLANATION: The release dates were up in the air, and the scripts were never adjusted to the changes.

2. At the beginning, when the two guys in the car are shooting signs, two holes appear in the Mesquite/Dallas sign, but only one shot is fired from the single-barreled gun.

3. A sign's wooden support gets shot at the beginning, but you can see where the already weakened point is in the support, before it gets shot.

4. At the beginning when the two guys are driving and shooting at road signs, on the passenger side of the car there is a side view mirror which appears and disappears many times from scene to scene.

5. Since when do radio stations have to wait for the caller to hang up? They can clearly disconnect their call-ins any time they want.

6. When Leatherface cuts through the roof of the Mercedes, look closely. It is clear he is cutting through a pre-made hole, complete with pre-made strips of fabric hanging down.

7. When the driver gets half of his head sliced off, if you watch closely, at one point his face is almost entirely covered with blood. A few seconds later his face is only partially covered with blood.

8. The Sawyer family, masters of country living and hunting, are now suddenly into city life, hunting around town in a pickup truck? That made no sense.

9. The Mercedes used on the bridge is a darker color tan than the one later found by Lefty.

10. At the end of the bridge scene, we hear the car crash. But when the crash site is shown the next day, the front of the car is facing away from the impact zone.

11. When did the Sawyer family, as backwoods as any family could be, become so knowledgeable on pop culture, including football, music and movies?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Chop-Top was the resident expert of the family, given his Vietnam experience. No one else in the family really showed any knowledge at all, aside from The Cook, who was determined to get some prime meat for the big football weekend.

12. Exactly why did Leatherface stick his chainsaw in the ice chest beneath Stretch? If he was trying to kill her, he would have went right for her and not even came close to making that mistake.

13. When Leatherface gets his chainsaw stuck in the ice chest, look closely. It is obvious that the chainsaw isn't really stuck.

14. For a horror film, there sure was a lot of comedy in this film, and at inappropriate times as well.

15. As Chop-Top scratches his head with the coat hanger, it switches position from his hair to out in front of him a couple of times as the angle switches.

16. When Stretch is telling L.G. to cut the phone line, he says to her "dammit, I'm trying darling" and you can see the boom reflected in the glass screen between them.

17. When Stretch gives Chop-Top the radio station tour, she shows him a lamp, but he quickly knocks it out of her hands and it falls onto the floor. A minute or so later when Leatherface first appears, the lamp is not on the floor and has disappeared.

18. At the radio station, Stretch locks herself in a room to hide from Leatherface. At one point, however, Leatherface breaks into the room and uses his chainsaw to destroy a ceiling fan (which, by the way, was not turned on). A short time later, if you watch the top of the screen very, very closely, you will see that the ceiling fan appears to not only be restored, but also turned on.

19. When Leatherface and Chop-Top are leaving the radio station, Stretch walks out the room saying "they can't get away". If you look to the wall to the right of her as she walks out the room, you can see the shadow of the boom moving across.

20. When Lefty walks into the chainsaw shop and lays his sunglasses down, they are lens down. Later, after Lefty sets down the first saw on the stump he turns to get another saw and the glasses are now upside down with the lenses toward the camera. After that, when he picks up the two smaller saws, the shot changes back to show the stump again and the glasses are back to being lens down like they started.

EXPLANATION: A victim of re-shoots or multiple takes.

21. After Lefty starts up the big chainsaw at the store, he lifts up the saw and swings it around. As he does this, the film crew is visible in the reflection of his dark sunglasses.

22. When Stretch is being followed by Lefty in his car, look closely. In one shot right before she runs to safety in the metal structure, a cameraman's shadow can be seen following her.

23. What are the odds Stretch would be standing exactly on the spot where the trap door was located, sending her falling into the underground labyrinth? Seemed mightly coincidental to me.

24. When Leatherface begins to skin L.G., you can tell he isn't really cutting into the body. And the so-called "flesh" he peels off looks paper-thin.

25. Why would Leatherface use a handheld kitchen knife to carve up the body, when he was so experienced with the chainsaw in the past?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps The Cook taught him some new tricks.

26. Why did Leatherface hesitate several times going after Stretch. Even if he liked her, if she pissed him off, the real Leatherface wouldn't have wasted any time procuring the prime meat for the family.

27. When did Leatherface learn how to dance? And what was up with him dressing up Stretch (a female) to look like L.G. (a male) so they could dance? That struck me as a bit odd.

28. It is clear that Leatherface peels a mask off of L.G. when he takes his face off and makes Stretch wear it. Oddly enough, years later, it looks very similar to a mask used in Rob Zombie's 'The Devil's Rejects' (2005), a film that also starred Bill Moseley.

29. When Leatherface is chasing after Stretch and a collapse blocks Stretch's escape route, you can tell the wall was expertly organized and neat. A real collapse would not have looked that uniform.

30. How is it that Franklin's flashlight is still on after 13 years, then all of a sudden goes dead just as Lefty finds him?

31. When Chop-Top strikes Stretch with a bone, you can tell he never really hits her, and that the bone is fake.

32. At dinner, The Cook refers to Stretch being "the first girl he's brought to dinner". Um, what about Sally in the first film?

33. At the end of the film, the chili contest trophy is sitting on the table, clean as a whistle. How can this be, when, earlier in the film, the bowl was overflowing with chili as The Cook won the award? I highly doubt any of them would have cleaned it in that timeframe (or at all).

34. How is Grandpa more mobile after 13 years? If he was 137 in this film, it would have made him 124 at the time of the first film. In the original, he could barely move. In this one, he was very animated. It would normally go the other way around, wouldn't it?

35. When Lefty starts singing off set and the camera focuses on the family's response, look off to the right of the set. You can see the wooden props set up there to support the walls of the set.

36. During the final fight, a crewmember's hand can be seen in the upper left portion of the screen clearing cobwebs away from in front of the camera.

37. Right after Lefty crashes the party, Stretch tries to escape. When she is first walking along the passageway, the shadow of the camera crew is visible along the left wall moving just ahead of her.

38. When Lefty and Leatherface fight, you can see several times that the chains on both their chainsaws are not even moving.

39. When Lefty falls backward onto the table, he knocks the Chili Contest trophy off of the table. However, in the next shot, the trophy is proudly displayed on the table again.

40. When Lefty and Leatherface fight on the big table, it is covered in food and rubbish. But in shots from under the table showing The Cook talking to himself, you can see through the planks of the table-- and light is streaming through them, revealing the table is not nearly as dirty as previously seen.

41. Why would the Sawyers put in an 'EXIT' sign?

EXPLANATION: It might have been an artifact they collected. Earlier in the film, when Stretch is trying to get rid of Chop-Top, he refers to the radio station's exit sign and even spells it out and makes fun of it.

42. After the dinner scene, Lefty cuts Stretch loose and the newly split ropes are still tied to her. Later, when Chop-Top is chasing her, the ropes are gone.

43. At the end of the film, whenever Stretch attacks Chop-Top with the chainsaw, the chains are obviously not moving on the saw.

44. When Chop-Top says its like "death eatin' a cracker" and slits his own throat, you can tell he is just spreading blood across it and that no cuts are actually made.

45. When Stretch attacks Chop-Top with the chainsaw, she slices open his stomach. But as he falls back down into the labyrinth, his stomach is now untouched and also free of blood.

46. When Chop-Top gets cut up with the chainsaw, look closely at his stomach area. It is clearly a stunt double, as Bill Moseley was considerably thinner than the heavier guy who did the stunt.

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