1. According to Chase, where did they get the tendons for the new Freddy glove?

2. Where did Chase tell Heather he is going when he drove away?

3. What fairy tale did Heather read to Dylan throughout the movie?

4. According to the radio, how many earthquakes did they have there that week?

5. Why was Heather worried about Dylan's condition (aside from the obvious)?

6. What was Robert Englund's hobby?

7. Throughout the movie, Heather received mysterious letters in her mail. What did those letters spell out?

8. What was Dylan diagnosed with at the hospital?

9. What did Wes Craven compare Freddy to?

10. When talking to Heather, what did Wes Craven say about the other 'Nightmare' films?


1. According to Chase, the tendons for the new Freddy glove came from a live doberman.
2. Chase lied and told Heather he was going to do soap bubbles for a detergent company.
3. Heather read Dylan "Hansel and Gretel".
4. According to the radio, there were 7 earthquakes during that week.
5. Heather was worried because one of her relatives died while in an institution.
6. Robert Englund was an artist.
7. The letters spelled out "Answer The Phone".
8. Dylan was diagnosed with child schizophrenia.
9. Wes Craven compared Freddy to a genie in a bottle, ready to come into reality.
10. Wes said that the other films became too familiar and were watered down to make it an easier sell.

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