1. What was the name of the pre-school all the kids attended?

2. What was Kristen's mother's job?

3. What was the name of the book store where Nancy and Quentin researched dreams?

4. What pills did Quentin take and offer to Nancy throughout the film?

5. What classic story does Quentin reference and compare Krueger to?

6. What was Quentin's chief extracurricular activity at Springwood High?

7. What did the kids call Freddy's lair and where was it located?

8. How many kids were in the original pre-school class?

9. What does Quentin steal from the hospital when he helps Nancy escape?

10. What song is playing in the pharmacy when Quentin tries to fill his prescription?


1. The kids attended Badham Pre-School.
2. Kristen's mother was a flight attendant.
3. Nancy and Quentin research dreams at Powell's Book Store.
4. Quentin offers Nancy zoneral, which he compares to speed, to stay awake.
5. Quentin compares Krueger's story to that of "The Pied Piper".
6. Quentin is a member of the swim team at Springwood High.
7. The kids call Freddy's lair the "secret cave", and its attached to the school's maintenance room.
8. There were 13 kids in the original pre-school class.
9. Quentin steals adrenaline syringes from the hospital to help stay awake.
10. The Everly Brothers' "All I Have To Do Is Dream" plays in the pharmacy.

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