1. What was the name of the cereal that Jesse's sister, Angie, ate?

2. What newspaper did Mr. Walsh read at breakfast?

3. What was written on the markerboard by the Walsh phone?

4. What was Jesse's nickname for his car?

5. What was the main headline written on the chalkboard by the science teacher?

6. What was the name of the board game stored in Jesse's closet?

7. What was the name of the gay bar where Jesse runs into Coach Schneider?

8. What was the name of the town newspaper?

9. What brand of pills did Jesse take to keep from falling asleep?

10. What did it say on Mr. Webber's apron when he was grilling at the party?


1. Jesse's sister, Angie, ate "Fu Man Chews".
2. Mr. Walsh read the Wall Street Journal.
3. The markerboard said "Call Rhonda".
4. Jesse called his car the "deadly dinosaur" because of how old and beat up it was.
5. The main headline on the chalkboard said "Organs of Dissection".
6. The board game stored in Jesse's closet was "Probe".
7. Jesse ran into Coach Schneider at "Don's Place".
8. The town newspaper was called the Springwood Gazette.
9. Jesse took "Sta-Up" pills to keep from falling asleep.
10. Mr. Webber's apron said "Mr. Wonderful".

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