1. What was the address of the Thompson house?

2. What was Donald Thompson's rank in the police department?

3. What did the student read an excerpt from in English class?

4. What pills did Nancy take so she won't fall asleep?

5. What classic horror movie did Nancy watch in her bedroom to try to stay awake?

6. What name was visible on the gravestone at the cemetery after Rod's burial?

7. Where did Marge take Nancy for help?

8. What was the name of the book that Nancy reads on the bridge with Glen?

9. How many children did Fred Krueger kill before he was originally burned to death by the Elm Street parents?

10. According to Nancy, what was the Guinness World Record for most days without sleep?


1. The address of the Thompson house was 1428 Elm Street.
2. Donald Thompson's rank in the police force was Lieutenant.
3. The student read an excerpt from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'.
4. Nancy took "Sta-Awake" pills to prevent her dreaming.
5. Nancy watched the classic horror movie "The Evil Dead" in her bedroom.
6. When Marge and Nancy left the cemetery, the name "Coulter" is easily read on a nearby gravestone.
7. Marge took Nancy to a dream clinic called the Katja Institute for the Study of Sleep Disorders.
8. Nancy read the book called "Booby Traps and Improvised Anti-Personnel Devices".
9. Fred Krueger originally killed 20 of the Elm Street kids before they burned him, according to Marge.
10. According to Nancy, the Guinness World Record for most days without sleep was 11 (she went 7).

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