Freddy: "One, two...Freddy's coming for you!"

TV Host: "Is Freddy Really Dead?"

Robert (As Freddy): "Love ya, babe...We'll Do Lunch!"

Robert (As Freddy): "Just when you thought it was safe to get back into bed!"

Robert (As Freddy): "You are all my children now!"

Robert Shaye:
"How would you like to join us in THE definitive nightmare?"

Robert Shaye: "I guess evil never dies, right?"

Dylan: "The mean old man with the claws..."

Heather: "It looks like...he was clawed..."

Robert: "You're having nightmares about Freddy, as in me???"
Heather: "No, it isn't you...he's scarier..."

Heather: "Robert, have you been having nightmares?"

Wes Craven: "I sort of think of it as a nightmare in progress..."

Wes Craven: "Now that the films have ended...the genie's out of the bottle..."

Wes Craven: "He decided to cross over...out of films, into our reality..."

Wes Craven: "You're gonna have to make a play Nancy one last time..."

Freddy: "Miss Me??!!"

Freddy: "Ever play skin the cat?"

Freddy: "Meet your maker!"

Freddy: "Pick a pet...for the rugrat, b*tch!"

Freddy: "Come here my piggy...I got some gingerbread for ya!"

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