Coach Schneider: "Okay, dirtballs, hit the showers!"

Freddy: "Daddy can't help you now!"

Freddy: "I need you, Jesse...we've got special work to do here, you and me..."

Freddy: "You've got the body, I got the brain!"

Jesse: "His name is Freddy, and he keeps trying to take me to the boiler room...he wants to kill me..."

Freddy: "Go ahead, Jesse...try it on for size!"

Freddy: "Kill for me!"

"Hey Grady, do you remember your dreams?"
Grady: "Only the wet ones..."

Freddy: "Wake up, little girl..."

Freddy: "There is no Jesse! I'm Jesse now!"

Jesse: "He's inside me and he wants to take me again!"

Lisa: "You created him, you can destroy him!"

Do-Gooder: "Just tell us what you want, alright? I'm here to help you..."

Freddy: "Help yourself!"

Freddy: "You are all my children now!"

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