1. Dylan watching the original Nightmare movie was similar to Nancy watching 'The Evil Dead' in her bedroom in the first film.

2. When Dylan tells Heather to "come with him in his dreams," it's similar to the group doing that in 'Dream Warriors'.

3. The clawing in Heather's sheets, the near attack above her bed, and the crucifix falling are all similar to what happened to Nancy in the original Nightmare movie.

4. The tongue phone is obviously similar to the original Nightmare movie-- "I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy!"

5. Heather became best friends with coffee, just like Nancy in the original.

6. At the hospital, a nurse asks Heather for her pass, just like at school in the original Nightmare. And, just like in the original Nightmare, Heather says, "Screw your pass!"

7. Heather telling Dylan "don't fall asleep" is similar to when she told Glen that in the original Nightmare.

8. A strand of Heather's hair turns gray just like Nancy at the dream clinic in the original Nightmare.

9. At the hospital, Heather's bandage bleeds through, just like Nancy in the original Nightmare.

10. Julie's death is similar to Tina's death in the original Nightmare.

11. Dylan sleepwalking is similar to when Phillip did the same thing in 'Dream Warriors'.

12. When Heather runs into John as they reprise their roles as Nancy and Lt. Thompson, John Saxon uses the line "Yeah, sure" just like he did in the original Nightmare.

13. Both Heather (pajamas) and John (coat and pants) are wearing the same clothes that they wore in the original Nightmare.

14. Dylan leaves a trail of sleeping pills just like Hansel and Gretel left a trail of bread crumbs.

15. Freddy's Lair (no pun intended) is similar to asylum from 'The Dream Child'.

16. The snakes around Heather are similar to the ones around Tina's body in the original Nightmare.

17. Nancy's feet get stuck at the end just like they did when Nancy ran up the stairs in the original Nightmare.

18. Freddy being burnt to death is similar to Freddy's original death.

19. The ending of Hansel and Gretel is similar to the real ending of this movie.

20. Lin Shaye, who appears as a nurse, also played the teacher in the original film.

21. Miko Hughes' character has a father that works in special effects. In real life, Miko Hughes' father actually did work in special effects for films.

22. In the original film, Marge Thompson drove a Volvo station wagon. In this film, it is Heather who drives a Volvo station wagon.

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