1. Freddy outside the house on a broomstick is an obvious similarity to 'The Wizard Of Oz'.

2. Johnny Depp, Glen in the original film, returns for a cameo in this one. He can be seen in Freddy's "brain on drugs" commercial.

3. There were numerous similarities to Nintendo in the film. Freddy says, "Now I'm Playin' With Power", which was Nintendo's slogan at the time.

4. Freddy also uses a "power glove", another staple of the original Nintendo system.

5. Spencer's video game is similar to Super Mario Brothers, in that Spencer goes down warp pipes and uses an apple to power up. In the real game, Mario uses mushrooms.

6. Maggie pulls Freddy out into the real world like Nancy did in the original movie.

7. Maggie using a countdown was similar to how Nancy pulled Freddy out in the original movie.

8. Alice Cooper cameos as Freddy's abusive father. Cooper also did the music for "Friday The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives".

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