1. What type of doll did Sally hang in her rearview mirror?

2. What was the title of Ella's controversial article in the school paper?

3. What type of car did Matt have?

4. What did Nikki do to get attention?

5. What famous comic book character did Ella draw in class?

6. What was Sally's theory about why Springwood stopped dreaming?

7. What type of shirt did Peter wear at the party?

8. What was Henry's secret passion?

9. How long was Jacob at Westin Hills?

10. What was the name of the club where Jacob met up with Kane?


1. Sally had Garfield the cat hanging in her rearview mirror.
2. Ella's article was titled, 'Springwood High Stops Dreaming-- Official!'
3. Matt had a red 1969 Ford convertible.
4. Nikki drew fake scars on her body to get attention.
5. Ella drew Wolverine of the X-Men.
6. Sally's theory was that the town put anti-depressants in the water supply.
7. Peter wore a shirt of the band 'Skid Row'.
8. Henry's secret passion was poetry.
9. Jacob was at Westin Hills for five years.
10. Jacob met up with Kane at 'The Stray Cat'.

How well did you do? Check the chart to find out.

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