1. Where did Joanna work in the beginning of the novel?

2. What was Don's career choice?

3. What was Jerome's prized gift from his aunt?

4. How long had Jerome and El been friends?

5. What movies did Jerome and El watch on their late night?

6. What was El's nickname for Pat Cottril's gang?

7. What was Mr. Neilson reading in detention?

8. Where did Bekka originally move to before Jerome was born?

9. What type of car did El's parents own?

10. How did Bekka attempt to save Jerome from Freddy?


1. Joanna worked at the Burrito Bungalow.
2. Don chose to work as an I.T. supervisor for an insurance company.
3. Jerome received a dreamcatcher from his aunt, which protected him.
4. Jerome and El had been friends since the second grade.
5. Jerome and El watched all three of the 'Evil Dead' movies.
6. El called Pat's gang 'The Three Pus-keteers'.
7. Mr. Neilson read USA Today while hosting detention.
8. Bekka originally moved to Chloride, New Mexico with her boyfriend Lionel.
9. El's parents owned a Cadillac Eldorado.
10. Bekka found Joanna's spirit and tried to funnel that into a new dreamcatcher.

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