1. What did Rose call her father as a child?

2. What was Jane's 'prized project'?

3. What was Lola's favorite movie?

4. What type of company did Lola run, and what was it called?

5. What clinic did Jane and Lola check Amber into?

6. What was the nickname of their group?

7. What was the group's catch phrase?

8. What movie did Jane and Lola watch on their double-date?

9. What was Rose's connection to Freddy?

10. What was Courtney Priest's self-proclaimed nickname?


1. Rose called her father the 'monster' as a child.
2. Jane's 'prized project' was her Victorian funeral wreath made of her own hair.
3. Lola's favorite movie was 'Night Of The Living Dead'.
4. Lola ran a special effects company, called 'LCFX'.
5. The clinic was the New Dawn Substance Abuse Clinic.
6. Their group's nickname was 'The Petticoat Mafia'.
7. Their catch phrase was 'Geek girls are go'.
8. Jane and Lola watch 'The Others' while on their double-date.
9. Rose's grandmother was one of the parents who originally torched Freddy.
10. Courtney's self-proclaimed nickname was 'Mini-Me', wanting to be like Devon.

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