1. Where was Alex originally from?

2. According to Mr. Mycroft, what was the purpose of poetry?

3. At what age did Lloyd become a drug addict?

4. What was Chris' goal in life?

5. What was the significance of the names of doctors GF Deuer and D. Kerry?

6. What was tattooed on Kat's back?

7. Whose online journal did the group find?

8. What did Chris' family ultimately think was inside him?

9. What choice did Freddy give the group at the end?

10. Ultimately, who was Freddy's link to the group?


1. Alex was originally from North Carolina, and bounced around a lot as a kid.
2. Mr. Mycroft said that "poetry enriches the soul and inspires the mind".
3. Lloyd became an addict at age 10.
4. Chris wanted to be an architect.
5. Doctors G.F. Deuer and D. Kerry were an anagram for 'Freddy Krueger'.
6. Kat's tattoo on her back was of snakes and says, 'Satan is my Master'.
7. The group found the online journal of Lori Campbell.
8. Chris' family thought the devil was inside him.
9. Krueger simply told them, "Kill for me or I will kill you!"
10. Freddy's link to the group was Lloyd, who was in a coma.

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