1. According to the Prologue, what was the short definition of the word denial?

2. What was Gwen's career aspirations?

3. How long did Dr. Graham tell Lexi they were admitting her?

4. According to Calvin, what were the hours of mandatory lockdown?

5. Why was Ty locked up in Westin Hills?

6. What game did Maria and Suzette play with Tex and Simon before the private group meeting?

7. What was Ty's nickname for his future 'rap crew'?

8. What famous powers did Simon dream up for his battle with Freddy?

9. What gruesome discovery did Lexi make in D-wing?

10. Who was revealed as the Man in Black?


1. The short definition of denial is 'the refusal to admit the truth or reality'.
2. Gwen wanted to be a performer on Broadway.
3. Dr. Graham fudged some paperwork and had Lexi admitted until her 18th birthday.
4. Calvin told Lexi that mandatory lockdown was from 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. every night.
5. Ty was locked up for beating his abusive father's head in with a sledgehammer.
6. Maria and the others play a game of 'Monopoly'.
7. Ty nicknamed his future 'rap crew' the 'T-Unit'.
8. Simon dreamed that he had Jedi powers, and he fought Freddy on the Death Star.
9. Lexi found her mother's dead body on a gurney in D-wing.
10. The Man in Black was Cameron Parker, brother of Kristen, out for revenge.

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