1. How does Webster's dictionary define a dream?

2. What was Mike Clark's jersey number?

3. Where was Quinton accepted to college on a full football scholarship?

4. What was Tash's goal in life?

5. According to Veronica, who was the "demon god of horror?"

6. What song was appropriately playing when Quinton found Luke in the weight room?

7. What type of car did Principal Shaye drive?

8. What was Quinton's worst nightmare growing up?

9. What did Krueger tell Veronica, shortly before killing her?

10. Who won the big game, and what was the final score?


1. Webster's defines a dream as a "series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep".
2. Mike Clark wore jersey number 7.
3. Quinton was awarded a full football scholarship to Ohio State University.
4. Tash's goal was to have her artwork displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
5. Veronica says that Rob Zombie is the "demon god of horror".
6. Korn's "Wake Up" was blaring in the weight room when Quinton finds Luke.
7. Principal Shaye drove a white Nissan sedan.
8. Quinton's worst nightmare growing up was always being cut from the football team.
9. Krueger tells Veronica, "Sweet dreams are made of this, bitch," mimicking her favorite song.
10. Collins won the game, 44-41.

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