1. What was Laura's previous job prior to that summer?

2. What was Shelby's chief hobby?

3. What was Chester's self-proclaimed nickname?

4. What was Allison's job at Fair Warning, the clothing store in the Springwood Mall?

5. What was Allison's tradition when it came to clothing?

6. What was Buck's nickname for his old Datsun?

7. What item did Laura find under Buck's car revealing who flattened his tires?

8. What was Rayne and Buck's plan?

9. What fact implicated Buck and proved Doug's innocence?

10. What game did Buck want to play while Shelby recovered in the hospital?


1. Laura was a lifeguard at the Springwood Municipal Pool.
2. Shelby's chief hobby was stamp collecting.
3. Chester gave himself the nickname 'The Chest'.
4. Allison was assistant manager at Fair Warning, the clothing store in the Springwood Mall.
5. Allison's tradition was to stay after hours and try on all the latest fashions.
6. Buck called his old Datsun 'Wilma', named after the character on 'The Flintstones'.
7. Laura found Chester's class ring under Buck's car, which implicated him in the crime.
8. Rayne and Buck planned to get between Laura and Doug so Rayne could get Doug back and Buck could get Laura.
9. Buck couldn't have known about a cut on Doug's finger unless he was involved.
10. Buck wanted to play what he called 'Winner Take All', whoever could get to Shelby's room first.

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