1. Who famous actor did Kirk do his book report on?

2. What gag did Vicki get Colleen with on more than one occasion throughout the book?

3. What was Colleen's motto that she lived by?

4. What incident scarred Denny for life as a youth?

5. What was Lance studying in college and why is he working at the library?

6. What was Ricky's life goal?

7. What was the 'future' card turned over for Colleen at the fortune teller?

8. What book does Lance read to Mrs. Wodell after she was laid up with a stroke?

9. What was Vicki's nickname for Colleen?

10. According to the fortune teller, who was Colleen in a past life?


1. Kirk was doing his book report on James Dean.
2. Vicki got Colleen with a 'shark-on-a-stick' gag, biting her neck with the plastic jaws.
3. Colleen's motto was 'c'est la vie, c'est la guerre' (such is life, such is war).
4. Denny was scarred for life because of his father's infamous 'bath of battery acid'.
5. Lance was studying to become a doctor, and working to pay his way through school.
6. Ricky's life goal was to write and direct the ultimate horror movie.
7. The 'future' card was death reversed, meaning death was in Colleen's future.
8. Lance read 'Grimm's Fairy Tales' to Mrs. Wodell while she was laid up with a stroke.
9. Vicki's nickname for Colleen was 'Colleeny-weenie'.
10. According to the fortune teller, Colleen was Joan Of Arc in a past life, possessing the same gifts she had.

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