1. What sport did Pam participate in at Springwood High?

2. What was the name of the infamous 3-D poster that no one could see?

3. According to Chapter 2, why was the Krueger House still standing?

4. What was Mario's biggest fear?

5. What was the name of the coffee shop where the group often gathered?

6. What type of car did Skrag have?

7. What was special about the 3-D illusions poster, according to Mel?

8. What premonitions was Keith having throughout the book?

9. What was 'The Plan', according to Pam and Mario?

10. What did Freddy turn into during the book's climactic moments?


1. Pam participated in and was captain of the track team at Springwood High.
2. The 3-D poster no one could see was called 'Mysteria'.
3. A series of accidents, some resulting in death, prevented the demolition of the Krueger House.
4. Mario was claustrophobic, a fear of enclosed places, and it helped him while wrestling.
5. The coffee house was called the 'Wide Awake'.
6. Skrag had a souped up a Ford Mustang that he was always working on.
7. According to Mel, there was no image at all in the 3-D poster.
8. Keith's premonitions were that he could see each death in the poster before it happened.
9. Pam and Mario wanted to get Keith to fall in love with Carrie again so they could swap partners.
10. Freddy turned into a worm.

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