1. What was significant about Alicia's parents?

2. What was the popular kids' nickname for Evan Walker?

3. What famous icon was on the poster on Alicia's bedroom wall?

4. What was Alicia's life-long goal?

5. What type of car did Scott have?

6. What was etched onto Johnny's switchblade?

7. What type of doctor was Dr. Hawke?

8. What famous book was Alicia reading during lunch?

9. What song was playing when Evan showed up at Alicia's party?

10. What type of vehicle did Johnny have?


1. Alicia's parents were part of the original mob that hunted and burned Freddy.
2. The popular kids at school called Evan, 'Weird' Evan Walker.
3. James Dean was on the poster on Alicia's bedroom wall.
4. Alicia wanted to go to an expensive art school and become a famous artist.
5. Scott's car was a 1965 Chevrolet Impala convertible.
6. A red dragon was etched onto Johnny's switchblade.
7. Dr. Hawke was an optometrist.
8. Alicia was reading J.D Salinger's 'The Catcher In The Rye' during lunch.
9. Pearl Jam's song 'Jeremy' was playing when Evan showed up at the party.
10. Johnny had a Jeep Cherokee.

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