1. The first part of the prologue is a bit of a homage to the beginning of 'Freddy Vs. Jason', where they recap the story of Fred Krueger.

2. The main characters are similar to the characters of 'Dream Warriors', and the novel as a whole is a direct tribute to the movie.

3. The character of Calvin is clearly a nod to Max from 'Dream Warriors'.

4. Freddy attacking Lexi in her room is similar to when he attacked Kristen in the quiet room in 'Dream Warriors'.

5. The bar scene in Chapter 4 takes place in Little Nemo's, the same bar where Nancy and Neal Gordon confront Donald Thompson in 'Dream Warriors'.

6. The various references to the drug hypnocil, a dream suppressant, are similar to that used throughout the Nightmare series.

7. "I want straight talk only in this room" is one of the many direct quote tributes used in the book. This, of course, is referenced to the same quote used by Dr. Gordon during the group meeting in 'Dream Warriors'.

8. When the Man in Black researches hypnocil at the library, its similar to when Will and Mark were there looking up Krueger during 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

9. Gwen meeting with Calvin in the TV room is similar to when Jennifer met with Max pleading to stay up late, right before she got killed in 'Dream Warriors'.

10. In Chapter 13, Gwen extends her hand and does her impression of Freddy's claw to Lexi. Nancy did the same during the original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'.

11. When Maria and the others play a game of Monopoly in Chapter 13, its similar to when Will, Taryn and Joey play the game of Wizard Master in 'Dream Warriors'.

12. At the end of Chapter 15, the Man in Black steals Calvin's door key to gain entrance. It's similar to when Mark did the same so that he and Will could escape during 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

13. Suzette's kill scene in Chapters 16 and 17 is a direct tribute to the music video of the Pink Floyd song, "Another Brick In The Wall".

14. The first part of Maria's death scene in Chapter 19 is similar to Taryn's in 'Dream Warriors'. The quote "Let's Get F*cked Up" by Freddy is basically an updated version of "Let's Get High".

15. The video found by the Man in Black in Chapter 20 is a tribute to the same video watched by Rick and Alice in 'The Dream Master'.

16. Dr. Graham getting drunk to deal with the problems of Krueger is similar to what Lt. Thompson did in 'Dream Warriors'.

17. The large metal door in Chapter 21 and the fact that Gwen, Simon, and Tex become the new 'Dream Warriors' is a direct tribute to the film. In the movie, of course, it is Nancy, Kristen, and Kincaid.

18. The dirty, unkept living room found by the new dream warriors is similar to the living room where Spencer infamously 'trips out' during 'Freddy's Dead'.

19. Tex's death is patterned after Will's death in 'Dream Warriors'. Only, instead of a wheelchair coming after him, its the raging bull he could never ride in the rodeo.

20. Freddy saying "give me a break" when he inititally tried to kill Tex, is the exact same quote he says when he tries to kill Jason at Crystal Lake in 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

21. Simon's death scene is a tribute to the final climactic battle between Luke Skywalker and the Emperor in the 'Star Wars' epic, 'Return Of The Jedi'.

22. The scene where Gwen looks in on Calvin in the jail cell is similar to when Nancy looks in on Rod during the original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'.

23. When the Man in Black finds all the invalids in D-wing, its similar to when Will, Lori, and Kia find them in 'Freddy Vs. Jason'.

24. Whenever Ty's "daddy" comes home and attacks him, its similar to when "daddy" attacks Tracy in 'Freddy's Dead'.

25. In Chapter 28, Freddy licks his blades after killing Ty. He does the same thing at several points throughout the Nightmare series.

26. Near the end, when Lexi runs into the guy in the red and green sweater, is similar to several times in the series where the main characters meet a janitor or someone wearing a red and green sweater and brown fedora, mimicking Freddy.

27. The ending at the fountain in Springwood Central Park is similar to the ending of 'The Dream Master', where Alice and Dan walk off together.

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