“NOOOOOOO!” Freddy growled as he dashed toward the window of the cell and peered out, his evil red eyes glaring in the night. Off in the distance, about twenty yards ahead, he saw the shadows of three figures running away from him back down onto Elm Street.

“Ohhhh, no you don’t!” Freddy groaned with a smirk on his face. “You aren’t gonna get away from me that easy.”

And just like that, with a flick of his claws, Freddy and the three shadows were transported out of Springwood entirely—and back into a very familiar place on the outskirts of town—the D-wing of the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital.

All at once, the three shadows— namely Lexi, Gwen, and the Man in Black, stopped running and were forcibly thrown to the ground with a loud, crashing thud. Freddy, meanwhile, was nowhere to be found but his presence was sure felt. As his piercing laughter echoed in the distance, the stench and rank aura of the scarred killer was prevalent throughout the large corridor of the room, eerily reminiscent of his boiler room.

“What the hell happened?” Gwen asked, replacing her torn and ripped sweater with a new one. “One minute you guys pulled me out of that jail and the next we’re back in here. What gives?”

“It’s Freddy,” Lexi replied as they all got to their feet in the very back of the room. “He’s totally in control. And he’s in here somewhere. Be careful.”

Behind them, the Man in Black, now known to them as Cameron Parker, stood tall, carefully taking in the scene around them. Laid out in front of the trio was a scene mirroring that of the real D-wing—complete with two rows of gurneys lined up to the left and the right all containing bodies covered in white sheets. Side-stepping past his two compadres and the trail of blood leading down the center, Cameron cautiously made his way down the narrow passage between the gurneys, examining each sheet as he went by.

Then he remembered who was under the first sheet.

“LEXI...WAIT...DON’T!” Cameron shouted as he turned back around, but it was too late. Lexi had already thrown back the blood-stained sheet and witnessed the horror hidden beneath. There lying on the slab was the butchered body of her mother.

“MOM!!!! NOOOOO!” she cried, her hand covering her mouth as she collapsed to her knees, in more pain and anguish than she’d ever felt in her entire life. Screaming in denial, Lexi’s world came crashing down instantly. It felt like the deaths of her sister and her friends all rolled into one. And then some. This was her mother. The woman that gave her life and watched over her in the good times and stood by her during the bad. The one constant in her life, and now she too was gone.

Cameron stepped forward to try to console her, but abruptly stopped right in his tracks. At the same time, Gwen peeled back the sheet opposite Lexi and found a mangled mess of a body that resembled Ty splattered all over the gurney. Worse than that, he still appeared to be fresh, as if he’d just been killed and plopped there like a piece of meat in a butcher shop. Blood spewed down both sides of the slab and was dripping from his stomach to the floor, where it began to pool in a small semi-circle.

“OH MY GOD, TYYYY!!!!!” Gwen yelled hysterically, nearly throwing up as she lurched over and held her stomach, gagging uncontrollably. Standing helpless nearby, the Man in Black’s worst fears were confirmed as he was torn between the two heroines. It was just what he didn’t want to happen, and sure enough, Fred Krueger found a way to make it possible. He was good at that. If only he could get his hands on that son of a bitch. Then he could settle this thing once and for all.

Fortunately for Cameron, he didn’t have to wait long because directly behind Lexi, the sheet on the gurney rapidly began to rise, all while she was completely oblivious to what was going on.

A second later, Freddy Krueger sat up and tossed the sheet aside, towering over Lexi’s lost soul with his sharp, deadly claws poised to strike.

“Lexi, LOOK OUT!” Cameron yelled, diving in front of her just as the claw came down.

Lexi slid against the wall unscathed, but the same could not be said for Cameron. Screaming in pain, the Man in Black absorbed the entire blow, which sliced him down his side right through his black trench coat. Lexi escaped her momentary trance just in time to see the man that saved her life lying motionless beside her.

Before she could really react, Freddy was on her in a second, pushing her mother’s gurney out of the way as he prepared to attack one final time.

However, this time it was Gwen who got in the way, grabbing him by the arm before he could bring it down on the defenseless Lexi, who sat back on her heels unable to move.

“Take a number, bitch,” Freddy hissed as he yanked his arm away from her. “You’re next.”

But Gwen, shaken out of her horrific trance as well, wasn’t phased one bit. Taking action, she kicked Freddy first in the groin, then in the head as he bent over in pain. Clearly grabbing his attention, Gwen bought Lexi a few extra moments to collect herself as she now prepared to face the full wrath of the relentless Springwood Slasher.

“Alright, then,” Freddy mumbled, adjusting his brown fedora. “Now you got my attention, little girl.”

Gwen made her first—and only—mistake by lunging toward Krueger with everything she had. The demented creature sensed it immediately and used her own momentum against her, tossing her headlong into the far wall, sending bits of plaster and dirt flying on impact as she hit the ground unconscious.

With her friends incapacitated, Lexi gazed up into the eyes of evil and saw her future—or lack thereof. Grinning wildly from ear to ear, Freddy slowly stalked toward her, hissing like a snake and chomping his nasty, yellow teeth in eager anticipation of his final kill.

Nearby, the Man in Black slowly regained consciousness, and despite the burning pain in his side, rolled over with his back propped up against the wall. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes briefly to try to figure out his next move. Almost immediately, his thoughts shifted to his sister. Kristen. I wonder what she would do in this situation, he pondered as Freddy approached the terrified Lexi. Picturing his older sibling based on the old video tape he watched in Dr. Graham’s office, he first saw her smiling in the bright sunshine, then rolling around on the ground giggling with her boyfriend Rick. A slight smile formed on his face as he relaxed, then opened his eyes, exhaling softly.

As his blurry vision cleared, he saw Freddy swinging his claw wildly at Lexi, but she ducked and was too fast for him. Instead of connecting with Lexi, Freddy sliced right through one of the support beams holding up the structure of the building, sending a shower of plaster and dirt raining down upon them. Coughing and choking, Lexi rolled out of the way and forced Freddy to take the blunt of it.

Seeing this, the Man in Black acted on pure instinct and got to his feet, running maniacally toward Freddy like a sprinter headed toward the finish line. Screaming with hatred and fury, there was only one thing on Cameron Parker’s mind at that point. Revenge.

“KRUEGER! This is for my sister, you son of a bitch!!!”

As Freddy caught a glimpse of the crazy kid spearing him, he heard something about a sister, then recognized who it was when he spotted the intensity in his eyes. It was an intensity he hadn’t seen in quite a long time. Since his last go-round at Westin. Since he tossed that bitch Kristen Parker into the fire. Sooo, that’s who he was...

But by the time he had it all figured out, Cameron Parker gored Freddy in the midsection, pushing him back through three more pillars, and as Lexi looked on in horror, the entire D-wing came crashing down on top of both Freddy and Cameron, burying them in a mountain of rubble.

“Cameron, NOOOOO!” Lexi cried, but it was too late.

“Come on Lexi, we gotta get out of here NOW!” Gwen, revived from her attack, stated as she practically dragged her out of there.

“No, we can’t, he’s in there!” Lexi insisted, but she knew it was no use. If they didn’t get out of there that instant, the rubble would claim them as well.

As the dust settled and Westin Hills came crumbling down, there was no sign of life.

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