Lexi opened her eyes and stared up into total darkness. What just happened? One minute, she was fighting Krueger, and the next, she was lying in the middle of god-knows-where. Rolling over to her side, she noticed a pair of yellow parallel lines running alongside her. A couple of trees flanked her on the left and the right, and the smell of asphalt pierced her nostrils as she sat up in the middle of the dark, pot-holed pavement.

Following the lines with her eyes, Lexi immediately recognized where she was. Gazing up to her left, she looked directly at the street sign and sighed depressingly. There, in the familiar green with reflective white letters, it read: ELM ST.

Collecting herself, Lexi slowly made her way to her feet, hoping to find some answers, when she noticed her wardrobe had changed entirely. Gone were the tight, black jeans and Springwood football t-shirt that had curved around her body so nicely. Gone was all the black make-up, including the eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and nail polish. And in its place was what appeared to be a large white nightgown with blue diamonds clustered all over it, running from the open collar at the top of her neck to its base just above her knees. Her hair was the only thing that remained black, the only remaining symbol of the victory she had worked so hard to achieve.

Turning to head down Elm Street, Lexi was suddenly yanked from her feet and thrown to the pavement with a thud. Groaning, she rolled over and tried to look behind her, but her vision was blurred and all she could make out was a large shadow. She couldn’t see a lot, but she did spot the silhouette of a tall man wearing some sort of fedora and trench coat. Was it Krueger? If it was, he was doing a really bad job of hiding. The shadow wasn’t even moving. It was just sitting there. That was so unlike Freddy...

Then, just as she got back to a vertical base, she was grabbed from behind by Krueger, who was laughing hysterically and smiling a yellow-toothy grin from ear to ear. “I know it’s you, Freddy,” she mumbled. “I could smell your nasty stench a mile away.”

Krueger guffawed. “Very funny, little girl. You thought you was gonna get away from me, but you can’t escape. Every time you think you’re out, I just pull you right back in.”

Lexi wasted no words after that, elbowing Freddy in the sternum and attempting to break free. But Freddy didn’t budge. Despite all her effort, Krueger just spun her around like a ballerina, then tossed her to the ground like a paperweight.

Circling each other like a schoolyard fight waiting to happen, neither Krueger nor Lexi appeared too eager to make the first move. With intense hatred in her eyes, Lexi just looked right back into the beady scarlet orbs of the dream stalker, trying to get a read on him. However, she had no such luck. The evil Krueger stared right back at her, not budging an inch.

“Come on, Lexi, daddy’s waitin’ for ya!” Krueger joked, holding his arms out like he was attempting to hug her.

“Fuck you!”

“Maybe later.”

Infuriated, Lexi struck first, kicking him straight in the chest and sending him sprawling to his back. Moving in cautiously, Lexi stood over him, waiting for him to move so she could kick his ass again. However, Krueger surprised her from behind, tangling his legs between hers and tripping her, sending her face-first to the asphalt.

Springing back up to her feet, Lexi, scratched up from the pavement, tasted her own blood as a cut opened up above her right eye. Krueger laughed at her, then narrowly missed slicing her across the face with his claw.

“Do you really think you can stop me?” Krueger asked, still smiling at her.

“I beat you before, and I can do it again!” Lexi replied fiercely.

“You never beat me,” Krueger continued. “I just merely underestimated you. Don’t worry, I won’t make the same mistake twice.”

Disgusted, Lexi kicked at him again, but this time Krueger caught her leg and threw it down, grabbing her by the jaw with his left hand while dangling the claw from his right.

“What do you want?” Lexi finally relented, trying to catch her breath.

“Mmm, the sound of despair. That’s the type of thing that gets my blood pumping, if you know what I mean,” Freddy stated, staring her down. “It’s really simple. I want you…Your blood... Your soul.”

Breathing heavily with sweat trickling down her face, Lexi didn’t reply. She just looked up at him and followed his claws with her eyes.

“And once I have that,” Krueger continued, rolling his eyes in delight. “Mmmmm, you will have been my greatest conquest. You need to realize, little bitch, that nothing will ever keep me from my children, NOTHING. Our battle was merely a roadblock, and now, it’s time to pay the piper.”

“I’m gonna enjoy this,” Krueger stated, throwing her to the ground with a thud and rolling his tongue at her. Battered, Lexi wasn’t able to put up much resistance as Krueger flashed his claws at her and menacingly ran his other hand up and down her body. “Hold still, piggy, this is really gonna hurt.”

“Then go ahead and do it already, you fucker!” Lexi piped back, showing a surprising side of herself. “I’m sick and tired of your games and all your bullshit. If you want to kill me so bad, KILL ME ALREADY! I don’t fucking care anymore! At least I’ll finally be with my friends, wherever they are.”

That comment surprised Freddy. Pondering its meaning, Krueger briefly held his claws in check as Lexi, sweating profusely on the ground, coiled beneath him. Why is this bitch so eager to die and accept her fate with the rest of the children? Maybe she truly was that weak and wanted to give up and join her friends again, but maybe she was simply looking for an easy way out, and dying by my blades now would end her suffering. Whatever the reason, Krueger was about to raise his claw and strike her down, when an idea popped into his head. A really sinister, yet satisfying idea.

Glaring down at her seductively with that ugly smile on his face once again, Krueger held his blades right up to her right cheek and waited for her to open her eyes before he spoke. “I was gonna kill you, you little whore, but I got a better idea. You’ve caused me enough pain and anguish, and I didn’t quite get my fill in return, soooooo...”

Puzzled, Lexi watched as Freddy pointed up ahead of them with his claw. Not sure what he was getting at, she tilted her head back and looked in the direction he was pointing. Following the parallel yellow lines of the road, she saw what appeared to be a large wrought-iron fence surrounding a huge four-story brick building. Slowly, she eyed a set of windows on the second floor as they lit up one-by-one from left-to-right, like the chaser lights on a Christmas tree or the neon lights in Las Vegas.

Then she saw the large sign in front of the place, and all at once, Freddy’s intentions struck her like a ton of bricks:


“Your pain is just beginning,” he snarled.

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