A.J.: It is impossible for Matt to be able to outdo himself from his smash-hit Freddy debut of 'The Springwood Slasher'. However, he almost pulled it off. He picked up perfectly with his lead character of Lexi from where he left off in 'Slasher', developing her into an even stronger character then before. The Man in Black angle played out perfect and caught even me by surprise, and the fact that the novel takes place inside Westin Hills was a great idea and tribute to Dream Warriors. Freddy was of course flawless yet again, with brilliant, thought-out kills that only Matt could muster up. The only thing that I saw wrong with this novel compared to his first was that the supporting characters never developed as well as Matt may have wanted them to. Overall, the novel itself turned out to be pretty damn good, and would put to shame any other garbage Freddy novels out there. 8.5 out of 10.


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