Matt: I actually had high expectations heading into this one, given that it was Halloween-based and the central theme of the story surrounded a costume party. But, as always with this series, I ended up disappointed with the finished product. Or should I say, unfinished product? Without any rhyme or reason, the novel jumps right into the party with no build up or development whatsoever. It seems like the first 50 pages or so are missing or left out. Maybe the author either ran out of time or chose to get right to the action, but I find that just plain tacky. That might work in a movie, but in a novel, you gotta have the build up and development of the main characters. As the story progressed, I found myself caring less for Rachel and Jack and more about Laura and Doug, the returning characters from 'Help Wanted' who were reduced to mere bit players in this novel. Don't you think they would want to help if something weird was going on, given what they went through in the previous novel? The author apparently didn't think so, as he had them abandon ship and go home just as things were getting interesting (and I use that term loosely). At only 117 pages, I couldn't believe how short this novel was, and the abrupt, open-ended conclusion didn't help matters. This was just a complete mess from start to finish. As with the other five novels, Freddy's prologue and epilogue were a complete joke, and the excerpts from the other five books were clearly placed in as filler, since there wasn't much substance otherwise. Overall, I was expecting the best novel of the series to wrap it up, and ended up with one of the worst. Just awful all around. 2 out of 10.


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