Matt: Maybe my expectations were at an all-time low, but now that I know what this series is going to be about, I had a more positive attitude heading into this one. Just the title alone led me to believe that Freddy would at some point come face-to-face with his natural nemesis, fire. And he did, sort of. This is my favorite book of the series, although that's not saying much. The characters are more well-rounded and less stereotypical. There are a couple nerds, but not the prototypical jock and cheerleader that seem to be in every story (including my own, I must admit). After a lackluster effort in book three, David Bergantino is much better this time around. He managed to give every character a background and a last name (except for Denny, which I think he did on purpose). The author really connected this book to the other three, referring to previous events and adding some much-needed depth to the series. However, on the negative side, Bergantino strays too far away from the dream world, concentrating on mainly Colleen's dreams and not enough about Freddy attacking the other teens in their nightmares. That dragged this book down quite a bit. As with the other books, there is just not enough Freddy in it, and the un-Freddy-like prologue and epilogue just do not fit. Overall, an easier read, but still far from what a 'Nightmare On Elm Street' novel should be. 4 out of 10.


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