The following is an excerpt quoted from 'A Nightmare On Elm Street #4: Perchance To Dream', cited from Chapter 1:

"This was a monster.

Sally stared at it in shock.

The monster laughed, revealing a set of yellowed, cracked teeth. It was a man-- or it once had been a man-- but its face was hideously burned, the skin covering its mean, pinched features twisted and warped, like the head of a cheap plastic doll thrown into the fire. The monster's eyes were gleaming and bright with malice, and it wore a striped red and green sweater that would have looked almost cheerful, had it not been full of burn marks and bloody holes.

Sally's eyes traveled further down the monster's body. With a stab of terror she saw that it was clutching a fistful of knives in one hand, fixed to the thick leather gloves it wore like some sick, acid-inspired Halloween costume."

'A Nightmare On Elm Street #4: Perchance To Dream', copyright 2006 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Rhodes 31).

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