The following is an excerpt quoted from 'A Nightmare On Elm Street #2: Dreamspawn', cited from Chapter 17:

"She quickly navigated to the county recorder's department for Laurie Gibson's place of death. Sure enough, the county recorder had archived all the obituaries for every resident in the last twenty years. The site was painfully slow, but Jane eventually coaxed out Laurie Gibson's obituary. She was survived by her daughter, Rose. But it was Laurie Gibson's place of birth that stunned Jane. Springwood. More than that, she had grown up on Elm Street.

Jane steadied herself, rubbing her temples. "I bet her grandmother was one of the parents that killed Freddy," she said.

She then looked at Brandon, and could see the panic sprinting back and forth behind his eyes as he read. "It's him. It's really fuckin' him!" Brandon whispered. "Jane, this guy is after me."

"I know," she said, clenched with guilt. "But we'll find a way to stop him."

"How? No one ever has!""

'A Nightmare On Elm Street #2: Dreamspawn', copyright 2005 Black Flame Publishing and New Line Cinema. (Faust 301).

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