The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #6: Deadly Disguise', cited from Chapter 12:

"But Freddy Krueger appeared at the ballroom entrance. He had carved off the remainder of Ron's skin, but ribbons of flesh still clung to the tattered, striped sweater he wore. Leaning against the doorway, as if without a care in the world, Freddy addressed the gleaming blades of the claw at the end of one hand.

"What? No last dance? I was really looking forward to...cutting the rug." With a metallic clicking, Freddy scissored the blades together several times in rapid succession.

Jack and Rachel froze, trying to decide what to do next. Luckily, Freddy didn't seem like he was in any hurry to dispose of them, though he did turn and face them."

'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #6: Deadly Disguise', copyright 1995 Tor Books and New Line Cinema. (Bergantino 105).

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