The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #5: Help Wanted', cited from Chapter 14:

""Don't bet on it."

Instantly Laura knew the voice was telling the truth. Before her stood Shelby, possessed by Freddy Krueger. Laura became certain of one other thing: Her life was nearly over. Despite that realization, or perhaps emboldened by it, Laura stopped backing away.

"You leave my sister alone!" she yelled.

The thing just laughed in its eerie, echoing way. "You mean fire her? Why, she's been my invaluable employee." It gestured toward Buck's inert form. "Her latest masterwork. Of course, he had meant to kill himself over you, anyway. He was about to slash his wrists so you'd find him beside your sister." Another chilling laugh. "We changed his job description.""

'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #5: Help Wanted', copyright 1995 Tor Books and New Line Cinema. (Bergantino 139).

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