The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #4: Twice Burned', cited from Chapter 21:

"Colleen shrank instantly away. She could tell this was not Mrs. Wodell any more than the scarred man from her dreams was Denny. It was her body, but being used by some other force.

The thing masquerading as Mrs. Wodell shot out a gnarled hand in an attempt to seize Colleen. Though she missed, Colleen lost her balance and fell backward. She tumbled down the steps, landing at Lance's feet. He was immediately at her side.

"Colleen? Are you all right?"

Her arm hurt, but she didn't have time to give Lance the answer. Mrs. Wodell had begun to descend the steps.

"Your turn, my dear," the thing laughed. It didn't even sound like Mrs. Wodell. "Time to die the martyr's death you picked for yourself." Flame seemed to dog the demon librarian's every step. It trailed after her like a hellish bridal train."

'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #4: Twice Burned', copyright 1995 Tor Books and New Line Cinema. (Bergantino 147).

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