The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #3: Virtual Terror', cited from Chapter 15:

"All at once, the poster was no longer empty. A horrible, charred man with a dirty red and green sweater looked from the frame. She recognized him as Freddy Krueger, the child killer from long ago.

"How do you like this for 3-D?" Freddy roared. Before she could move, Freddy leapt through the poster and wrapped his arms around her. He had her, and proceeded to drag her toward the poster frame. Carrie's head soon penetrated the surface of the glass. There was only the weakest resistance as she passed through the 'glass'. Immediately she could feel the heat of a thousand fires. "You'll make a pretty picture," Freddy growled sensuously in her ear."

'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #3: Virtual Terror', copyright 1995 Tor Books and New Line Cinema. (Bergantino 145).

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