The following is an excerpt quoted from 'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #1: Blind Date', cited from Chapter 37:

"Dr. Hawke was standing over her wearing a green surgical mask, his face only inches from her own. His eyes above the mask were like blazing flames flying out of his skull. Alicia saw the lower part of the mask move-- was Dr. Hawke smiling?

Then Dr. Hawke began sharpening some kind of instrument. A surgical instrument to operate with? Alicia wondered as she took in the rest of the room. Behind him, a boiler roared to life, like a vast, iron creature with a belly full of blazing coals. She looked up toward the ceiling. It was so dark, it seemed like the ceiling was as high as a cathedral's. She saw three pulley chains dangling down from the gloom above. At the end of each chain was a sharp, gleaming hook, as big as a bear's claw. A flash of light reflected off the hooks, and Alicia blinked. When she opened her eyes a moment later, there was a body swinging from each hook. The bodies were all facing away from her, but one by one they swung around to face her.

No! Alicia screamed."

'Freddy Krueger's Tales Of Terror #1: Blind Date', copyright 1994 Tor Books and New Line Cinema. (Richards 151).

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